10 Tips for Donating to HIV Charities

There is no doubt that America has a tradition of profitable giving. According to a study by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, nearly half of all Americans donate money to an organization. People have donated nearly $ 292 billion for a variety of reasons for the 2018 financial year, far-flung institutions, gifts and collective gifts.

While choosing a good cause for help, it is important to follow your heart consistently. And of course, it is important not to allow over-the-counter organizations to exploit that generosity. And, sadly, it happens more often than not once.

In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has details of accepting 1.4 million illegal objections through its Consumer Sentinel program, including more than 535,000 faker trick reports.

Lastly, you need to have a good idea of ​​where you are giving your fair share, and make sure the money goes where it is intended to go. To do this, you need to know as much about the foundation as can be expected.

Here are just a few tips for the most effective way to achieve this.

Make Sure Who They Say They Are

If you are curious about the basics, make sure you verify the organization’s payment status 501 (c). You can do this by playing online hunting at the Internal Revenue Services’ Exempt Organizations Select Check locater or by calling the additional IRS at 1-877-829-5500. If you decide to give an unforgivable reason, it is very difficult to determine how your gift dollar will be used (and, most importantly, your gift will not be charged). oncohiv.com

Follow Numbers

Ignoring financial security is actually a major problem. The highest quality practice for any profitable organization today should be to submit their 990 test forms to their site. Although the annual report is quite accurate, they are eventually affected by some improvement. To our knowledge, we would like to check the numbers ourselves, directly.

Collect numbers

In the event that a 990 check form is available, see Part VII – Compensation of Officers, Directors and Trustees, but focus on Part IX – Operating Expenditure Statement. Here, it is important to refer to category B (Program Service Expenditure) for categories C and D (Administration and General Costs and Acquisition Costs). This will give you a better understanding of how much of your money is spent on real projects, and will allow you to ask if the statistics seem to exist “if they don’t work.” (Here is a true example of the 990 test form status).

Be careful if the Fund spends less than half of its budget on plans

To the best of our knowledge, we will focus on the causes that cost the most significant 70%. Some would argue that this approach has been overused, especially since some causes require more money to obtain support than others. All things considered, in the event that the collection commitments neglect to significantly increase the expenditure of the program, it only makes sense to examine the financial management of the foundation.

Try not to judge him by numbers Only

An organization in a more modest environment, often more successful at the grassroots level, cannot be held to the same financial guidelines as a public organization with annual gifts of $ 10 million. Set your financial priorities, but determine your judgment based on what you know or experience and the organization’s experience. This will better ensure your relief service, benefit you and your cause. If all else fails, you can usually share how your gift will be used regardless of explicit projects, grants, remittances, and so on.

Use Watch Dogs online

While they shouldn’t be the only asset when choosing which good reason to choose, online watch dogs such as CharityNavigator, CharityWatch, and GiveWell provide information on things that can help guide your choices (while offering a variety of interesting ideas on what constitutes a good foundation) .oncohiv.com/prep/

Note If the Organization Requires More Than 95% of Donations Go to these Programs

Occasionally these cases actually raise support for a “twist” that is, not a small one, intended to mislead. All things considered, 99% sounded really amazing than 79%, right? However, as a rule, these estimates exist and take into account non-budget items such as savings for future use. In our brain, the 79% used in the systems sounded very good, and only three good because we know that at any given time they have moved to the platinum level of 95%.

Try not to find a star

While stellar investment has always been important in creating awareness and growing fundamental assets, you should not leave support alone at the beginning and end of your energy space. For each of the star-driven causes of modeling work such as the Elton John Foundation, Sharon Stone and amfAR, Rihanna and John Legend are close to many who have failed to meet expectations or close their entries in the race. Try not to let the star control you to ask too many questions.

Try not to allow yourself to be persecuted

Keep an eye out if the cause is approaching you during a very popular news event or if you are approaching the end of the sponsorship process. There is no season when the cause will not allow your cash, so there is no strong reason to go up. The real causes have never plagued the donors (although their pledge drives sometimes). In the event that as a rule you are forcibly transferred a gift by a telemarketer, consider blocking calls at Natio

Never Give Cash

Continuously request a receipt. Also, never at any point answer to a visually impaired sales, on the web or telephonic, that solicitations charge card data, bank subtleties, or some other individual data at all.oncohiv.com

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