11 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

In the bloodstream, a very small quantity of cholesterol travels called lipoproteins which are made up of fat and liver plays an important role in removing these fats from the human body. There are two kinds of lipoproteins one is low density and the other is high-density lipoproteins. As for being healthy both the lipoproteins are important, but more of LDL is bad as it leads to building up more cholesterol in the arteries. Cholesterol is actually a fat-like substance found in all the cells of an individual body and when its LDL level increases it leads to bad health. So for maintaining the cholesterol level in your body good diet and exercise are compulsory, but people try the unsuccessful things and complain about their health.

lower down Cholesterol

Onion Extract

onion extract is a good way to reduce cholesterol

Whether Onion extract can lower the cholesterol was a big question a few time ago, but the researchers had found the answer to this question by doing research on the rats. Onions are high in polyphenolic compounds called flavonoids which is supposed to have characteristics like anticancer abilities, antiproliferative abilities, or the ability to stop cell growth or antioxidants etc. which are also helpful in improving the cholesterol. The Onions reduces the LDL in the person’s body which are bad and also leads to cardiovascular diseases. After many types of research and examination we the researchers found that Onion can be tremendously beneficial in reducing the bad cholesterol and also blood sugar and as this a very common vegetable ingredient one can use onion to maintain the cholesterol level in their body.

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orange reduces cholesterol

Orange is also told to the world healthiest fruit which is tasty as well has lots of advantages relating to the human body. The orange has the antioxidant substance and has Vitamin C which is supposed to lower the cardiovascular disease. It has the pectin that is contained in the white rind of orange and lowers the LDL cholesterol up to 7-10%. It is said that most of the citrus fruit are supposed to have pectin in them which is a good drug for cholesterol


red wine increses HDL

I am, really not going to advise you something bad for your health, but if you are a little addicted towards drinking then try this tip for keeping healthy side by side. Do go for other unhealthy edible substances or hard drinks, but try the a glass of red wine that will actually not do anything to your LDL, but will help increase the HDL in your body to remain healthy. However, this is not an advice to take drinks and lose your presence of mind or just start from today as this will not help you. Only if you are addicted then this is a positivity on your habit and you can try our advice, but if you do not try wine then please stay out of it. Moreover, you must consult for every thing to your doctor who will help you know more good about this.


sleep reduces cholesterol

The busy day may often defend good sleep but you probably think of eating and exercising right to stay healthy. This timetable may often put you in trouble as a good sleep can contribute to causing high lipid level which is very good to balance the cholesterol level in your body. Even though you have very poor lifestyle habits, but try to get enough sleep at night as closed eyes can make high lipid and will affect the HDL and LDL in a positive way. Losing sleep or even too much of sleep may affect in another way like more of LDL, more of fat and sugar which can lead to whole life diseases. It is said that the body starts the cholesterol metabolism at night when the eyes are shut and when all the body parts are properly relaxed. So, for a good balance of your daily habits, a good sleep is a must to have a good effect on the cholesterol.

Soya Products

tofu and soya milk can reduce cholesterol

According to the researchers, it has been found that soya products reduce the LDL cholesterol up to a very good level. Tofu is one of the soya that contains phytosterols and the low cholesterol proteins that has the character of destroying bad cholesterol in the human body. The very good doctors has believed that 10 ounce of tofu of 2 ½ cups of soya milk is very much capable of bringing down the cholesterol to average 5%. Cholesterol has numerous bad effects and bringing down the cholesterol to average and balancing the cholesterol in the body is must and tofu are the best soya ingredient that can maintain the body cholesterol level.

Licorice Root

licorice root reduces cholesterol

A very sweet flavored root Licorice has many health advantages and medical properties. It is said to be good for maintaining the hormonal balance, good heart, and health. On hearing this, people may think that the root because of health boosting capacity can do some good, but it’s nothing like that! In the very beginning, I discussed that liver plays a major role in reducing the cholesterol in the body. Actually, the licorice has the pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity and therefore, decreases in dietary fat absorption. Thus effective lowering of total LDL cholesterol is done through the extract of this root. However, an excess of anything may lead to problems so, make sure that you take the correct dosage of this root. Like take one teaspoon of the root and 150ml of water or milk and boil it. Then add the root and in low heat prepare it and strain it into the cup to drink.

Monascus Purpureus (Red Yeast Rice)

red yeast rice for blocking cholesterol in body

The liver is the main organ that helps you to create or reduce cholesterol and the monacolin K really helps in blocking the liver from creating too much of cholesterol in the body. The monacolin K which is also known as mevinolin or lovastatin is found in the Red Yeast Rice which restricts the liver from making Cholesterol and when the system is blocked from making it the problem may be negotiated.

Indian Gooseberry

indian gooseberry reduces cholesterol

Indian Gooseberry that is the amla is supposed to have many medical values and body balancing effect. This fruit is also used popularly as the traditional ayurvedic medicine to bring down many diseases. However, lots of researches and studies have confirmed that amla also has benefits of reducing cholesterol in the human body. The fruit extract has potent antioxidant effects, including many other values that reduce the LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL in the body.

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Bergamot Extract

Bergamot has been used many times by you to flavor the brown tea, but do you know that this fruit it a defender of cholesterol. Cholesterol main formation takes place in the liver and the extract of Bergamot helps in removing fatty deposits from there. Though people have two eyes and a good brain to sense things the only negativity lies there that people cannot see what wrong is going inside their body. However, it is good that we know and understand the good and bad. Similarly, the flavoring fruit that is for your tea and drinks can do a lot for the body. According to the study researchers, daily bergamot extract had done a miracle with people and the “cholesterol dropped from an average of 278 milligrams per deciliter of blood to 191” without reducing the effectiveness.


nuts have cholesterol reducing capacity

Nuts are believed to have high reducing cholesterol feature and it has been examined that about 4-5% of cholesterol reduces in a week on taking nuts. Nuts can be the cashew or the almonds which are healthy for the heart and can fight LDL cholesterol in the body. However, you should also keep in mind that these nuts are supposed to carry high calories and thus taking it in a right quantity also matters along with the cholesterol objective.

I hope, I was able to explain you every basic thing of maintaining cholesterol in the body. So, keep good health and have a good day!

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