5 Ways To Improve Your IT Infrastructure


In the first half of the year 2019 alone, there were massive reports that data breaches occurred in more than 3,800 small and medium-sized organisations across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and a host of other European countries. These data breaches cost private individuals and businesses more than 4 billion private records. In the digital age, data breaches are highly on the rise and businesses as well as individuals need to stay on top of their game in order to prevent these data breaches. Otherwise, they may lose valuable records to cybercriminals which may cripple their business operation.

Businesses as well as private individuals should take every necessary measure at this point in time to protect their IT infrastructure; simply because data breaches are at an all-time high. Keep in mind that a well-protected IT infrastructure is capable of protecting your personal record and business data from the prying eyes of cyber criminals and internet scammers. Any investment that you make protecting your IT infrastructure is one of the best decisions you can ever make as a business person.

Protecting your IT infrastructure goes beyond preventing data breaches, it also goes to strengthen your computer network, routers, servers, as well as network infrastructure. If you do not have the money to invest in IT infrastructure protection, you can outsource this function to a competent IT support provider so that you’ll be able to concentrate on the main focus of your business.

So how do you protect your IT infrastructure? In this article, we will take a look at the 5 different ways you can protect your IT infrastructure.

Sounds good, right? But before we start explaining the details of how to protect your IT infrastructure, it will not be out of place to quickly explain some important components that make up its infrastructure.

Components of IT Infrastructure

Information technology infrastructure includes the network, software, hardware, and every equipment that creates a reliable IT network. The IT network that is used to build an IT infrastructure is used to create, control, watch, deliver, test, and support any IT related services. While information technology infrastructure may be complicated, especially for those that are beginners, by breaking it down to simple comprehension, a beginner can easily understand the different things that make up the IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure components include:

Network Switch

A network switch is a specific device that connects two or more devices on the same network that uses a local area connection. It contains several ports and the physical part include service writers and other switches


The function of a router in an IT infrastructure is to move packets between multiple networks. Another function is also to allow different devices to communicate with each other when they are connected on different networks.

Network Servers

We have seen different network servers in different formats. Simply put, network servers are purely an ordinary computer that holds extra resources for your perusal. It uses the hypertext transfer protocol to share multiple files via a web browser. There are also other types of server that you need to know; they include application servers, database server, as well as print servers.

Now you know what makes up an IT Infrastructure, let’s proceed to explain how to improve your IT infrastructure so that you don’t suffer data breaches in your business and personal lifestyle.

#1. Analyze Your Cloud

Analysing your cloud is one of the best ways to improve your IT infrastructure so that cybercriminals and hackers will not have access to your computer network and IT infrastructure. Remember the cloud is where most businesses store their client information and employee data; therefore it is important to analyze your cloud so that you understand the peculiar protection that you will put in place to protect your infrastructure.

On a general note, we have two categories of cloud; either private or public. While a private cloud is used to store internal data or information that are not easily accessible by your customers and other stakeholders of your business, a private cloud is usually responsible for storing all your public records that are usually made available to the members of the public. After analysing your cloud, you will be able to see very clearly whether or not your IT infrastructure needs improvement.

When you discover that your IT infrastructure needs improvement, you should waste no time engaging the services of an IT support provider so that they will be able to put measures in place to protect your IT infrastructure from the prying eyes of fraudsters and scammers.

2. Make the Switch to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Switching to hyper-converged infrastructure is another way to protect your information technology infrastructure. Hyper-converged infrastructure combines x86-based server and storage resources together with different software programs that will energize your IT infrastructure to become very productive so that a criminal cannot come close to breaching it.

#3. Increase Your WiFi Capabilities

No doubt, when your Wi-Fi capabilities are low or at the average setting, cybercriminals will take advantage of this loophole to breach your business data security. But if you take a proactive step to increase your Wi-Fi capabilities, you will be able to improve your IT infrastructure and also protect your business data security.

#4. Consider Working with an IT Support Company

Working with an IT support company is a no-brainer because they have the skills and expertise to protect and improve your IT infrastructure. You can know more about a provider by simply doing a Google search.

#5. Get Better Security

More than 85% of small and large businesses recently reported that they have been a victim of cyber attack in the last six months. One of the best ways to improve your IT infrastructure so that you don’t suffer the problem of cyber attack is to get better security. When security is built into your IT infrastructure, you are less likely to experience any data breaches, talk more of enabling a cybercriminal to have access to your employee or business data.


With a lot of IT support providers on the market, it can be completely overwhelming to choose a particular one that will suit your business peculiarities and your personal preferences; therefore, it is important to do your due diligence before settling for an IT support provider.

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