6 Types of Kraft Boxes for All Your Packaging Need

The world of packaging is changing, and custom kraft boxes are becoming the norm. They used to be reserved for small businesses, but now even large corporations like Microsoft and Apple have started embracing this trend.

If you are looking for custom kraft packaging boxes, this blog is the perfect place to start. We will be discussing the types of kraft boxes that exist, their benefits, and where you can buy them wholesale. There is a rising trend of these in the industry and if you want your products to stand out on shelves or at trade shows, make sure you read this blog!

Custom Kraft boxes wholesale are the perfect packaging option for any business in today’s world. They’re versatile, sleek, and professional-looking! Wondering why? Stick till the end of this blog to get a list of all their amazing features below:

The design is timeless – meaning it’ll never go out of style because it can be made with modern materials like corrugated paperboard that meets industry standards while still offering versatility in designs and colors.

“Kraft” means “strength,” which makes these custom boards durable by being able to withstand wear without becoming damaged in contact with water, ink stains, etc… You also have more options when it comes to material thicknesses and its ability to maintain shape even through constant handling due to high-quality paperboard.

In addition to this, the material is also recyclable! And each paperboard can be customized with eco-friendly inks and a variety of colors which provides more flexibility for your design needs.

Custom Sleeve Boxes: Custom sleeve boxes are a popular option for retailers to stand out from the competition. They not only look great, but they also offer both protection and convenience when it comes time to take your product on the go with you!

The best part about these custom sleeves is how easy they make packing up small items like jewelry or anything else needing some extra security.

Sleeves can come as either two pieces – one being the box itself while another slides over its top, which has been cut into an opening resembling a window; this offers ample space near where people will view what’s inside, so no detail goes unnoticed (much more convenient than placing objects onto plates)! For those who sell matchboxes, Kraft paper might be something worth considering because

  1. Display Kraft Boxes with Window:

These display boxes are transparent, with an opening on top cut into the shape of a window.

Display boxes are a great way to advertise your product and make it easy for customers to buy. Kraft paper is lightweight but durable in terms of safety, making them the perfect choice when you need something that will last longer than normal cardboard display cases. In addition, these can be printed with different colors, so they’re unique not only on the outside but also internally! You’ll find these at most stores near where counter space sits, waiting for new products every day.

This allows for ample space near where customers will view your products so they can see them without any detail going unnoticed (more convenient than using plates). If you sell matchboxes, Kraft paper might be something worth considering because there’s plenty of ways to style these kraft boxes and use them in-store displays!

For those who want to keep their items as secure as possible while still showcasing what they have inside – these custom cardboard sleeves offer protection from damage that may occur due to rough handling or mishandling by customers. In addition, they’re made from extremely durable materials like recycled office papers and chipboard sheets, making them an ideal choice for any e-commerce retailer.

  1. Bakery Boxes:

Bakery boxes are a great option for offering your customers a variety of baked goods or pastries. These custom printed Kraft paper bakery boxes can be used at markets, in bakeries, and more!

Bakery boxes need to be sturdy and have a fresh appearance in order to accommodate your delicious baked goods. Many types of bakery boxes can suit the needs of any baker, from Gable Boxes which provide an attractive design for packaging with small items such as cookies or muffins while also providing stability at the same time, Tuck Top Packaging Boxes that allow you more control over how much is exposed when they’re opened all the way up so if there’s only one cookie left, but it was hidden beneath other treats before opening this would help prevent temptation!

Pros: The brown color is perfect for items that have been freshly made; the natural look draws people’s attention while it also reflects quality and freshness.

  1. Apparel Boxes or Bags:

Fashionistas love to see their favorite brands with the most stylish packaging. For apparel, there are two different types of boxes: custom packaging box or sleeve box. The former is perfect for clothing, while the latter can be used on shoes and small accessories.

When it comes time to find a kraft paper bag, many people opt for one that matches their brand’s logo because these bags add an extra touch of flair due to their minimalist design and elegant material, which will always attract customers’ attention!

  1. Kraft Gift Boxes:

Give a gift that will make the receiver feel special without breaking your wallet! The business of wrapping gifts and providing customer services is all about making customers happy.

When you want to make a grand impression with one expensive present, it’s important that the packaging be just as impressive. A simple design choice like ribbons or die-cuts can ensure the gift is customized while minimizing your workload and saving time for both parties involved.

With our customizable packages here at Wrapped In Love, we’ll help ensure this season isn’t stressful but rather memorable by providing everything needed for beautiful gifting–from affordable wraps & tissue paper to ornate bows and embellishments

  1. Takeaway Boxes:

The best part about takeaway boxes is that they can handle the weight! That’s why we make sure to protect them with laminate, so food-grade lamination keeps oil and liquid from affecting their quality.

Plus, it has a clear window on top for you to see what goodies are inside – perfect for bakery vendors who would like customers to be able to identify specific items more easily.


This blog post discussed 6 types of Kraft boxes that are perfect for your packaging needs. Kraft paper is a popular choice because it’s durable, eco-friendly, and affordable.

The most important thing to remember when choosing which type of box you need is what the product inside will be used for to maintain its quality through shipping or storage. We hope this article has helped you find the right Kraft box wholesale for your business! By the way, you can get the best custom packaging supplies online from an online store and can get the items at a wholesale rate with no hidden charges.

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