A Different Approach to Attain 6 Pack Abs – Part 2

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 (A different Approach to attain 6 Pack Abs – 1 )to be continued . .

2. Read the serving size, you would be surprised how often most people think a

container is a 1 serving; for example 1 cup of cereal is a serving size, when in your life can you ever recall having just 1 cup of cereal for breakfast? You always want to make sure that you look on the back packaging to determine how many servings are present, this will enable you to accurately measure how many calories you are actually consuming from that container is an valuable health tips.katienicholl

3. You can drink something faster than you can eat it; this is for all you fruit juice enthusiasts out there. It is far better to eat an apple which can give you great things like fiber, and vitamin C with only around 85 calories than drink an apple which will give you some of those things along with 120 calories and 28g of sugar in a single serving (8fl oz).

4. Carbs and Fat are NOT the enemy, oh fair citizens hear me well when I say ANY diet that makes you cut out ANY major food group is unhealthy, period! This does not give you permission to go gorge yourself on McDonalds; just remember that Saturated and Trans Fats are bad but Mono/Polysaturated fats are good. You can get these “good fats” from peanuts, avocadoes and natural vegetable based cooking oils while “good carbs” like bagels, whole grain breads, oatmeal and pasta is great for you and will provide you with tons of energy, if you eat them with fresh fruit even better.

5. DO NOT EVER SKIP BREAKFAST! I cannot stress this enough, think about it as you’ve been asleep for the last 6-8 hours and have not eaten anything and just been burning calories all night long (yes you do burn calories while you sleep). Your body needs fuel to wake it up and a balanced breakfast will do nothing short of wonders for you and your metabolism. When you eat breakfast not only do you give yourself energy but you also supercharge your metabolism making it a calorie burning machine throughout the day. It will start working at a higher rate and if you’re eating small balanced snacks like trail mix and fruit in between meals it will stay there making your body an efficient calorie burning machine all day long! With the right balanced diet you can achieve your weight loss goals but exercise is important as well because

1.  Muscle burns more calories than fat does and

2. Exercise promotes very good physical and mental health tips.

When you exercise those endorphins your body produces have dopamine which can give the person a feeling of euphoria after a great workout. It’s also good to note that you already have your six pack, you just need to reduce your body fat to see it. We are born with all the fat cells and muscles we will ever have the only thing diet and exercise does is alter their size. So if you have a low body fat your muscles will be more visible and if you work them out they will get bigger it’s as simple as that.

The best and easiest way to get that health fitness six pack abs you’ve been dreaming of is by simply eating fewer calories than you naturally use up in a day. As well as doing moderate aerobic exercise and moderate compound strength training (just a fancy word for works more than one muscle group at once) for 45 minutes to an hour about 3 times a week. Weight lifting and calisthenics like yoga are recommended as they are very compound, offer great variety and focus a lot on core development.

I would recommend you invest in a heart rate monitor to make sure your workouts are staying aerobic as this type of exercise is best suited for burning calories and making fat cells smaller. Do not be mistaken though as it is very possible to go into anaerobic exercise without feeling exhausted or have heavy breathing. I promise you will garner quicker and more reliable results with a balanced diet for body building and moderate exercise than any pill, magic drink or extreme diet can ever give you. The human body is amazing and can adapt to the crazy situations we put it in so with the right attitude and consistently you can train your body to shed those unwanted pounds and show off that 6 pack Good luck and make sure you take pictures of progress, they work as a great motivator!

My tips and advice do not substitute medical restrictions and warnings from a licensed physician, you should always contact your health professional before beginning any diet or exercise regimen for getting best health fitness tips.

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