Basic Concept of Search Engine Optimization

WordStream has begun to be understood chiefly as a PPC destination. But we know a thing or 2 about SEO, and folks ask us all the time to get a primer on the basic concept of SEO. So we are delivering: This guide will be an introduction and summary of Digital Marketing OR search engine optimization (SEO), a compulsory advertising tactic if you would like your site to be found through search engines such as Google.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It is a part of Digital Marketing Search engine optimization (search engine optimization ) is a procedure for positioning your optimized content from search engines and obtaining the maximum organic traffic out of it. This is a technique of standing that all site owners need to know or understand.

What is the Need for SEO?

Starting a blog or website and publishing quality content is useless if there are no views. A site is completely established as it will obtain an audience on each content posted on Google or other search engines. However, this is not simple as Google does not care about your website unless you are optimizing your website correctly based on Google’s demand. 

It is already clear that every website has to be SEO-friendly to get indexed and rank on Google’s top page and gain the most traffic from it. This is why not many websites are able to make it to Google’s top page.

But in a research I have known that almost half of the failed website owners/beginners in Asia never even knew what the proper concept of Search engine optimization was. This is the reason they end up failing. 

So In this article, I will write down the basic concept of Google optimization. You can easily understand How Digital Marketing works For your website.

Now those of you who don’t know the basic concept of SEO and the importance of SEO please read this article to properly understand what I have understood about basic concepts of SEO so much better.

Importance of SEO for Your Website’s Ranking  

— The principal reason to perform SEO of your website is to make your website more favorable using Google and other search engines.

You need to be certain your website does not get completely discounted by search engines optimization.

Google began search engine optimization to recognise every optimized page easily. It’s simpler to position a material on Google if that material of yours is really optimized.

Now there are tons of content available on Google to help you understand what search engine optimization actually is and how it works. But I believe that none of those are helpful if you don’t know the principal reason Google asks you to increase your website’s search engine optimization.

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Every shift in Google’s algorithm alters the system of rank content. However, each change was designed to enhance the caliber of content that Google shows on the initial page.

Folks are happy to locate hints and secrets to rank their articles on Google. Some are triumphed And a few aren’t. There are thousands of videos on Youtube to teach you simple tricks about how you can rank your content on Google. But all you are going to learn from these movies are not anything but few procedures of optimizing.

They will tell you to do this or that to rank higher on Google, but eventually you can do more than what you’ll be able to do after watching their videos if only you know the concept of doing search engine optimization. Just ranking a content shouldn’t be your top priority, you should increase your knowledge on SEO and why Google ranks only optimized contents. 

—Search engine optimization is a system of detecting the best pages to rank on search engines. Google will detect how much of your entire website is friendlier with visitors and how much of your site isn’t. 

— If Google detects only minor issues in your site, then Google will probably ignore it and rank your page because minor issues can be solved easily. So. there will be less difficulties for you to rank a site with minor errors. But sometimes these minor errors could affect your ranking on Google. This is why you should always try to fix all minor errors of your site first. 

— Search engine optimization helps Google to understand what your page is about and the audience your page is trying to reach. Detecting the quality of your site and the loading speed is another part of optimization. 

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Concept of Search Engine Optimization 

When you create a website, what is the reason and motives behind your site? Search engines will get to know about your motives and reasons behind the creation of your site by meta description. 

How friendly is your site for online users? Search engines will detect the average loading speed score of your site. 

 Do you have any errors in your source code? Search engines will detect all if there are any errors in your site.

There are many more processes of optimization but all of them are similar. Because SEO is only needed to let search engines understand the importance of your content and your site and the audiences you site is targeting to reach.

 So the main concept of SEO is to index a better page from your site in search engines.

—  Basically everything about your site is a part of search engine optimization. And the basic concept of SEO is to let search engines know if your site is all ready to rank or not. So by improving every part of your site, you will be increasing your site’s SEO scores. 

— the on-page of your site isn’t the only consideration of basic concepts of SEO. You also have to solidify the external side of your website. 

Creating major backlinks, creating a strong presence of your site on social platforms, and improving the ranking and Domain authority is also considered to be the external part of SEO or off-page SEO.

Overall, it is necessary to create a well balanced website by improving both On-page and Off-page SEO, as it is something that search engines are demanding you to have.


So I hope that now you guys are well informed about the basic concept of search engine optimization (SEO). 

To rank on a search engine and to receive organic traffic from search engines such as Google, It is a must having fact for you. As Google and every other search engine prioritize only optimized pages, so if you’re a beginner in Blogging or you just created a new website but not receiving any organic traffic or your pages aren’t ranking, then this is the time for you to do SEO of your site and increase the limit of optimized pages. 

—If you want to know more about basic concepts of SEO and how it works or you want to understand the importance of SEO to Google, then let us know. We will try to bring the best ideas and information about SEO and Google to you. But for now I think the basic concept of search engine optimization is more than enough for you if you’re a starter. 

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