Benefits of Social Media

Social Media is the new normal for this generation. From sharing posts to expressing emotions, there is hardly anything that we cannot do using these applications. There are cases when users became addicted to these applications. However, using these applications in an optimized way is always useful and entertaining. 

Since we are talking about Social Media, let us name some common examples for you. Applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, connect app and others are very common. It won’t be less than a surprise if you do not have an account in one of these applications. There are many people who have an account in multiple applications, either for entertainment or professional reasons. 

In this article, we have mentioned some of the major benefits of social media applications are how they help us in our day to day lives.

Benefits of Social Media

Connecting People

 Social Media applications are popular all across the world. Millions of people visit these applications daily for some or the other purpose. However, the most common reason why people love visiting these applications is that they connect them with their family and friends. Imagine your parents are living abroad. All you need to have to connect with them is a social media account. Using it you can video call them, share images and moments. 

Digital Marketing:

 Studies state that out of every ten individuals visiting social media applications, eight to nine of them visit to check for a particular product or service. Hence, it becomes an amazing platform for companies to use Digital Marketing or Social Media marketing techniques to target these users and convert them into sales. 


 Apart from entertainment, Social Media applications also educate students in various areas. A student studying for competitive exams can keep himself updated with trending news of every country. Also, students can get help from teachers and academic experts who have their accounts in these applications. 


Social Media applications recently became even more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. When the whole world was in a panic, these applications helped governments to spread positive words to the citizens. Moreover, it was because of these applications that the authorities were able to recognize and help people who became victims of this pandemic. This is why these applications are widely used by countries to inform their citizens.

Social Movements:

Every country has a phase where people want to become part of a social movement. Though everyone wants to join these movements, it is not possible for everyone to physically present. However, social media applications like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., gave people enough opportunities to be an integral part of a social movement digitally. 

These were some of the major benefits of social media applications. However, we should never neglect the negative side of social media as well. There are many people all across the world, especially youngsters who are getting addicted to these applications. They use these applications other than the ways they are meant for. 

Hence the positive and negative side of social media applications depends completely on the user and how he wished to use them.

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