Black Diamond Beads Are Beneficial for Making Jewelry

Black diamond beads are also known as natural black diamond beads. These diamonds own a unique beauty and sparkle that can dazzle in any jewelry. Black diamonds are a little different from other diamonds. Thus, these diamonds are absolutely unique and unbelievably valuable. These diamonds are incredibly precious but they come at cost effective prices.

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You can buy black diamond beads online. These gemstones are available in different shapes and sizes. Buy gemstone bead online at wholesale rates. The gemstones are not only available in different sizes and shapes but also in different type of cuts like rose cut, uncut, round brilliant cut and many other amazingly cut diamonds. Buy these gemstones from us at affordable prices. Get the finest quality black diamond beads online.

Black Diamond Beads in India:

You can buy best quality black diamonds in India. Buy online at wholesale prices natural diamond beads, black diamond beads necklace, white diamond beads, yellow diamond beads, genuine diamond beads for jewelry making direct from manufacturer. Choose from vast collection of diamond faceted rondelle beads, diamond briolette, diamond chips beads.

How to take care of the black diamond beads:

Take care of black diamonds in the same way that you take care of other diamonds.

  1. The gemstone must be kept away from chemicals, mainly the cleaning detergents.
  2. It is necessary to clean your gemstone at least once in a month even if you don’t use it often because the dust affects the brightness of the Tourmaline stone
  3. Always remove the gemstone when doing household chores.
  4. Keep the gemstone away when gardening because some tiny stones or sand present may leave scratches on your gemstone.
  5. Remove it while doing makeup because the harmful chemicals present in lotions and hair sprays may damage it.
  6. Always remove the gemstone before cooking because heat may affect the gemstone and keep it away from sunlight.

Cleaning Black Diamond:

The best way to clean the black diamond is by giving it to professional jeweler who will power steam your diamond to remove all dirt and dust. In case you are cleaning your diamond at home use a gentle brush and dish washing liquid. Then gently brush your diamond with the liquid and rinse it with warm water.

Black Diamond Beads

How to source natural black diamond?

Black diamonds are very tricky to spot thus, knowing how to spot real black diamond’s before investing in it is crucial. Here are two chosen methods out of a large number of methods to spot real black diamond:

  • Fiber optics light– When you shine an optic light towards a black diamond it must not change into brown at any spot. Black diamonds are incredibly dense thus; if you see a spot turning brown then it is just carbon.
  • Moissanite Tester– A moissanite tester can check the electrical and thermal conductivity of diamond. And if the machine tells you that it’s not a natural diamond then your diamond is a treated black diamond and not a natural one.

Final Line:

Whether you want to tell that special someone how much they mean to you or want to give a loved one something they will cherish for a lifetime. Black diamond jewelry is the perfect choice to let someone know you care. Black diamonds are precious, unique stones that bring a fantastic combination of beauty and contrast to your jewelry wardrobe. So, why wait go grab your black sliver diamond beads online.

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