Canon Printer Not Printing: Fixing With Easy Steps

The Canon printer is undoubtedly amongst the most prominent and promising printers being used for a really long time. But, canon printer not printing color it being a part of technology and machines, is also vulnerable to several issues and problems that may arise over a period of time. There might exist some technical glitches which keep it from showing its excellent efficiency. And thus, as encountered by the users, there exists one such ‘Canon printer not printing’ issue, which hampers the work deadlines and thus, further hampers the quality.

It is important to know the root cause of any problem before working upon its solutions and fixes. There might be a chance of you performing a wrong method to resolve the issue in case you are not well aware of the actual cause. Thus, printer problems must be detected and recognised before being sorted out.

Thus, in this article we will not only look into the fixes for the ‘Canon printer not printing’ issue, but will first try to figure out what is causing that specific problem. 

Possible causes of ‘Canon printer won’t print’ issue

There is no surety as to what might have caused your printer to stop printing, but there exist several base problems which might be the reason for the same. There can be a number of problems, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Faulty network connection
  • Improper wired connection between the device and printer
  • Outdated or inaccurate  printer drivers
  • Scarce or empty ink cartridges
  • Paper stuck in the tray or inside the printer
  • Less or no sheets in the printer tray
  • Improper printing sheet size
  • Inappropriate installation of printer firewall

Possible ways to get rid of the ‘Canon printer won’t print’ issue

Varied problems have varied solutions being sure of what the real cause is. You might have till now discovered the cause of the ‘Canon printer not printing’ issue, or maybe not. In either case, we have sorted out a few general solutions to the ‘Canon printer won’t print’ issue. These can be performed by the users at the convenience of their places without any hassle or expenditure.

These solution steps are basic and easy to be carried out, and thus, do not require the users to be proficient with computers or printers. There exist some steps which must be performed in case of any problem that might occur in your printer. 

  • In case your Canon printer is wireless, do check and make sure that the connection established between the wifi and your printer is secure and stable.
  • You may also try and shut both your device and printer simultaneously and wait for about a minute. Now, turn them back on and check if the printer has now started working normally or not. In case it does not work, move to the next option or step mentioned.
  • For the next step, you may open the ‘printer head’ and check for any jammed pages and thus, clear them out for the proper working of your printer.
  • The other way to possibly get rid of the ‘Canon printer not printing’ issue is to go to the ‘printer’ menu and select the ‘cancel all documents’ option.
  • Check if the ink levels and cartridge available is sufficient. If not, then replace them with the new ones. To look for the ink level, go to the ‘ink management’ option in the Canon window. Also, make sure that the ink or cartridge being used is original, as fake ones do create issues in the Canon printer.
  • Make sure that the type of paper inserted matches the type that your Canon printer supports.
  • Check for the latest and updated version of drivers and softwares available on Canon official website for your specific model number and install them, in case the existing ones are outdated or expired.
  • Also, check that the network that you are connected to, does not have much traffic, as it may hamper the working efficiency of your Canon printer.
  • Also, make sure that your ‘Canon printer won’t print’ is not due to the ill handling or broken parts of the printer.


These steps will help you get your printer out of the ‘Canon printer not printing’ trouble in a really short time period. In case, you are still facing the same problem, visit the Canon official website and get in contact with their technology and printer experts by the means of details provided there.

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