The Ultimate Checklist for Canada Immigration Applicants.

If you are in the process of immigrating to Canada, then you would be surely overwhelmed. So many rules and checklists need to be followed to get smooth Canada Immigration from Abu Dabi. The process includes some tedious things to be followed, and one might feel lost in the overall process. Getting a Canada Immigration consultant will come in handy for you because they will help you by all means.

Ultimate Checklist for Canada Immigration Applicants

They will help to follow all the necessary restrictions and technicalities that arise. Canada Immigration consultant will know about all the small things about the process. In this blog, we will understand the ultimate checklist for Canada Immigration Applicants. It is as follows-

1) Check Eligibility-

You need to check if you are eligible to apply for Canada Immigration before you apply for Canada Visa. The basic eligibility criteria checklist includes some of the following things-

  • Age
  • Profession
  • Education and qualification
  • Language skills
  • Income levels
  • Caste
  • Creed and much more.

The official website of Canada Immigration has all of these checklists that need to be cleared first. You will have to go through the questionnaire that is available on the official page. There will be a series of common questions that anyone can easily answer. Once you answer all of the questions, you will get one number. You will receive the number if you are eligible for the application. If you do not receive this number, you cannot carry out the further process.

2) Profeciency test of Language-

The first and foremost checklist point to costlier is the language proficiency test. You need to appear for language proficiency tests in either English or French languages. Both these exams have certain levels; you will get more points once you clear them. You can even appear for both exams to get better points during the Immigration process. The applicants should make sure that the language exam that they are going to appear for is available in their country. Their official website mentions detailed information about the syllabus, duration of exams, exam fees, registration process, and much more. You should keep a regular check on the official website for getting up to date information.

3) Educational Qualification Report-

The Immigration Consultants in Abu Dabhi will need your educational qualification report. Your education credentials need to be verified for the Immigration process in Canada. You can verify your documents from some websites that are officially liable for giving the certificates. Some websites are World Education Service, International Credential Education Service, and more. A duration of one to four months has been required for receiving the credentials. It would help if you chose WES for this process because they are relatively faster and more efficient when compared with all the other official websites mentioned above.

4) NOC-

The next step that needs to be carried out to apply for a Canada Visa is checking your NOC. This means identifying the type of job that you will be taking up in their country. There are various levels mentioned on the official website. These levels are commonly known as one, zero, and two, and to get express entry, and one should choose the job roles from these levels only. The website will guide you well in selecting the NOC.

5) Profile-

The following checklist point is creating a profile for your Immigration process in Canada. Before you start building a profile, you must have eligibility criteria, an authentic report stating your educational qualifications from the designated authorities, and the results of your language proficiency test exams. You need to pass the exams with the required percentage to get an entry for the next point. You need to make your account on the official website of the Canadian immigrants. If you have trouble creating the profile, contact your Canada Immigration consultant. They will clear all your doubts and help you make your profile quickly. You will save time and money if you work smartly during the entire process.

6) Improving CRS score-

When you have completed all the above processes, you must wait until the results come. The results of your Immigration process is decide based on the score points that you have achieved. The more score points you have completed, the better will be your CRS score. CRS score is prime in deciding your future in the selection process. Using advised methods, you can use various techniques and also ways to improve your CRS score. Immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi will provide you with all the details. They will help you to know about the ways to increase your score. While waiting for the results, you should keep all your documents handy for future use and convenience.

7) Visa Stamping-

Suppose you have been selected in the process of Canada Immigration from Abu Dhabi. The next step will be Visa stamping on their official sites and offices. You should hear your consultant’s instructions for the best results and hassle-free process.

Canada visit Visa from Abu Dabhi are also available for the ones who want to travel for tourism purposes. Moreover, This article helps anyone who has been looking out to shift to Canada for work reasons or education reasons.

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