Chocolate is Good for Oral Health – True or False?

Most of the people like chocolate so much that they can’t resist eating it whenever offered. It gives a good feeling to them. Research suggests that if you will eat it under control then your mood will get positively affected. But for your teeth, it is not good because it contains sugar. However, if you will eat dark chocolate in small amounts then it will be beneficial for your health in various ways. Now I am going to tell you whether chocolate is good for your oral health or not.

Effects of eating chocolate

  • The gum diseases because of plaque and bacteria can occur in your mouth because chocolate contains sugar in high amounts.
  • Your teeth’s surface will be eaten away by the acids that are formed from sugar as a result of bacteria.
  • Chances of cavities and tooth decay increase because of this.
  • There are more chances of enamel to become weak because of the chocolate’s sugar.
  • There is a possibility of staining of the teeth because of chocolate.

How dark chocolate is beneficial?

For fighting disease and bacteria, so many antioxidants are present in dark chocolate. As compared to green tea 4 times more antioxidants are present in dark chocolate. For fighting tooth decay that occurs slowly as well as a periodontal disease you can get a lot of help from saliva if it contains antioxidants in a very high amount. Research suggests that your brain will receive blood in an increased amount if you will eat dark chocolate. It also lowers down your weight slowly.

If every day we eat dark chocolate, then what will happen?

If you eat dark chocolate in an amount of 1-2 ounces daily then it will be very healthy for you.

What about milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate contains lots of sugar which is not good for your teeth. Actually, the cocoa present in dark chocolate is good for your teeth but it is present in very small amounts in milk chocolate. So, don’t eat milk chocolate in large amounts and brush your teeth after eating it.

Does sugar present in it affect your teeth?

We know that for your teeth sugar is not good which is present in chocolate. But it has been found that 70 % of cocoa and sugar in small amounts is present in dark chocolate. So, dark chocolate is good for your health. For counteracting the sugars’ effects, dark chocolate contains compounds that are antibacterial and these are present in large amounts in it. So, we can say that it is not harmful to your teeth. Research suggests that as compared to fluoride, fighting cavities in a more effective manner will be possible with a compound among these.

If I do not brush after eating the dark chocolate at night then what will happen?

You have to brush and floss your teeth even after eating dark chocolate in spite of the fact that for fighting tooth decay it helps a lot. Along with this, you have to visit a dental hospital 2 times in one year for checking up on your teeth regularly.

If after eating chocolate you feel a problem with your teeth then visit the dentist nearby.

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