Crossbite Correction: How To Straighten Your Smile

A lot of adults and young people are suffering from crossbite. If you will go to a dentist and say that it has become very difficult for you to chew the food then he will examine you and the result can be a crossbite. It doesn’t matter how old you are but it is possible to correct a crossbite. A number of options exist for doing this. Now I am going to tell you how to correct a crossbite and straighten the smile.

How will you define a Crossbite?

When the lower teeth and the upper teeth come in irregular contact with each other then malocclusion or misaligned bite occurs which is known as crossbite. It happens if at the time of biting a number of upper teeth are covered by the lower teeth. Actually, in your mouth’s various areas there are chances of the intermittent contact of this type.

What are the symptoms of a Crossbite?

Wearing of your teeth, problems in your jaw, development of your face in an abnormal way and grinding of your teeth can occur because of crossbite. There are chances of lips and teeth’s appearance getting affected as a result of crossbite. Decay of tooth, pain in jaw and headaches are the crossbite’s symptoms.

How will you define Malocclusion?

It is very easy to bite and chew if the alignment of lower and upper teeth is proper. But if the lower teeth and upper teeth come in a type of contact that is rough or irregular then malocclusion occurs. We can say that malocclusion’s one form is crossbite. Broken teeth, cracked teeth and worn enamel can occur because of misaligned bites.

Reasons for Crossbite

The malocclusion can occur as a result of a number of reasons:

  • Missing teeth or premature loss of teeth.
  • Habit of tongue thrusting or thumb sucking.
  • If the teeth’s size and the size of the jaw are mismatched.

Treatments for Crossbite

There are maximum chances that the dentist will recommend you to use braces and undergo the orthodontics procedure so as to correct the crossbite. At the time of the growth and development of the jaws in early adolescence or in childhood you use braces. But don’t think that for getting the treatment you are very late. You can go for the treatment any time. Adults as well as children can undergo the treatment of orthodontics. Permanent teeth and the baby teeth’s extraction may be recommended by the dentist and there can be a number of phases of the treatment. If the condition is severe then you may need to undergo surgery. In order to align the teeth in a proper manner by lower jaw shortening, an orthognathic procedure will be performed by the maxillofacial surgeon.

When undergoing the treatment, you want the best results then you need to brush and floss regularly so as to take your mouth and teeth’s proper care. If you are making attempts to keep healthy and clean teeth then some challenges may be faced by you because of braces. For fighting decay some techniques may be recommended to you by a dental hygienist.

It is very easy to align teeth and jaws properly with the help of orthodontics in case of young patients. It is possible to correct the misalignments that are mild with the help of dental restorations or braces. But a surgery of jaw is needed if there is a severe crossbite.

The orthodontist or dentist can suggest you the treatment on the basis of the crossbite’s type, cause and your age. Various options of treatment are as follows:

1. Use of Headgear – In this procedure with the help of wires the teeth get some gentle pressure when on the face and head a headgear is attached. The growth of the jaw can be slowed down or can get increased when on the jaw and teeth some force is applied.

2. Use of Palatal expanders – By using Palatal expanders the upper jaw’s size can get increased. At night you can wear those expanders that are removable. For widening the jaw those expanders are used that are fixed.

3. Use of braces – Braces can help adults and children a lot. For aligning the bite, the lower teeth and upper teeth can get straightened with the help of braces.

4. Surgery – Sometimes a surgery may be recommended to you by an orthodontist or a dentist. This happens if the treatments that are non-invasive are not able to adjust the jaws of adult people.

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