Faculty of Economics: Here Are the Main Degree Courses You Can Choose From

Ok, so Economy is the path you have chosen for your future. Well! Also because it is among the degree courses that reserve numerous job opportunities in the Italian job market. The subject is made up of different branches and, before proceeding with the registration, it is important to clarify. So here are the degree courses you can choose from for the Faculty of Economics.

Faculty or Department?

Meanwhile, a necessary clarification. When it comes to faculty it would be more appropriate to speak of a Department. The word faculty was in fact removed from the university dictionary on the occasion of a reform of the Ministry of Education. However, “Faculty” remains a word still in use in common jargon. We are speaking, however, for the avoidance of doubt, of the university section within which training in the economic field is provided.

The Degree Courses of Economics

In each university you could find various three-year degree courses. Sometimes the course is simply called Economics and then, once you have passed the first year, you can decide between various study addresses that follow the paths that we present below. Or you might find them already presented with these names:

Business Economics

Degree class of Economics

When we talk about Economics and Commerce we refer to the most heterogeneous economic training path. It does not require you to choose a specialization path right away and, therefore, allows you to be freer to choose what to try once you want to enter the job market. The most important subjects are macroeconomics and microeconomics, business economics, balance sheets, statistics, mathematical analysis.

Business Economics / Business Economics and Management

Degree Class of Economics and Business Management Sciences

This degree course, unlike the previous one, is specialist from the very beginning. Those who enroll in this course aim to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the different aspects of the life of a company. So if you would like to learn everything from management control to internal and external communication processes, this is the course for you.

Economics and Finance / Economics of banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries

Degree Class of Economics and Business Management Sciences

This area is also extremely focused. Unlike the previous one, the training here focuses mainly on the study of the relationships, contracts and principles that regulate the finance sector (personal, corporate, public, international).

Degree class of Statistical Sciences

This degree program trains technical figures capable of operating professionally in the statistical field. Here, therefore, it is not only a question of collecting and analyzing data relating to various phenomenal areas, but also of interpreting them to guide crucial decision-making processes for both public and private entities.

Other courses

Those you find presented are undoubtedly the most frequent, but the training offer certainly does not end here! In fact, consider that under the Departments of Economics other degree courses are also gaining ground. Do you want some examples?

  • Economics and Marketing, a degree course already aimed at training marketing professionals;
  • Economy and Tourism , aimed at those who strictly wish to operate in this sector which is so important in Italy;
  • Business and Economics, i.e. a degree course delivered in English.

Economy is limited or open?

Regardless of which degree courses are available in each department or former faculty, keep in mind that in almost all cases, admission to Economics courses is limited.  There is therefore often an access test to pass, which you may also find in the form of TOLC-E, the online test run by the CISIA consortium. The subjects to be studied for the test are logic and verbal understanding, logical-mathematical aptitude, numerical and spatial logic, mathematics, reasoning skills, knowledge and understanding of the Italian language, general culture and English.

To prepare for the test you can study on books for the Economics test, focused on the subjects that will be the subject of the test. Or take advantage of the customized online training platform specific to the Economics Tuition here.

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Education and University Expenses Deductible

The tax concessions payable to Italian taxpayers, according to the provisions of the TUIR, also concern education and university expenses deductible in 730 and incurred by students who attend schools and universities.

A tax deduction of 19 percent is payable for the annual expenses incurred for university enrollment, for the attendance of masters, specialization schools, but also the enrollment expenses for kindergartens and high schools . To benefit from the deduction it is necessary to fill in part E of the 730 form but it is possible to deduct these expenses also in the PF Income Model (formerly the UNICCO PF model). In some cases, the expenses incurred are among other things deductible by the parents.

“The expenses for the attendance of secondary and university education courses, to an extent not exceeding, for non-state universities, than that established annually for each university faculty by decree of the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) from to be issued by 31 December “.

Furthermore, always the TUIR in article 15 paragraph 1, let. Ea.) establishes that taxpayers can benefit from the 19% deduction for ” expenses for attending preschools of the first cycle of education and upper secondary school of the national education system referred to in Article 1 of law 10 March 2000, n. 62, and subsequent amendments, for an annual amount not exceeding:

However, this type of deduction cannot be combined with those for donations made to schools.

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