What Does A Fine Silver Bezel Setting Mean In Jewelry Making?

Who does not love jewelry – in fact, one would be hard-pressed to find anyone who at least does not appreciate the beautiful aspect of this creation. Jewelry is a piece of art where every element contributes to its beauty. The metal, the stone, and even the fine silver bezel settings play a crucial stone. However, not many people are familiar with the Silver bezel settings – which is a shame. Here, we have tried to remedy that. So, read on to learn more about the bezel settings.

What is a Gemstone Bezel setting?

It is a setting that is employed to secure the precious stone used in the jewelry in one place. This setting is one of the oldest and most secure ways artisans around the world craft their creations. A thin metal band is used, which encircles the stone and holds it in one place. This secures the gemstone from all sides.


This setting is both vintage and contemporary and adds a unique level of sophistication to the design. It is also a versatile option as well as one can easily find many different options suited to their gemstone and jewelry design.

Pros and Cons of Bezel Settings

It goes without saying that the cabochon stone bezel settings have many advantages and a few disadvantages. Here are some of them.


  • Increases the circumference of the stone, making it appear larger
  • Protects the stone from external impacts
  • It gives the stone a more robust appearance
  • Adaptable to various stone shapes
  • Hides flaws on the sides of the stone
  • It prevents dirt from entering and keeps the stone clean


  • Reduces the brightness of the stone by limiting light reflection through it
  • It may appear bulky on smaller stones or delicate designs
  • Not ideal for larger stones as it may obscure the stone’s natural beauty
  • Cleaning a bezel set ring can be difficult if dirt gets between the metal and the stone.

Different Types of Bezel Settings

There are two standard bezel settings that are employed in jewelry making – partial and full bezel settings. The full bezel setting completely encircles the stone, while the partial bezel setting retains the stone on its sides.

However, there are also other settings that are slowly gaining their share of admirers. These include the high-set, split, and fancy-bezel settings. These settings offer more intricate designs that can add to the beauty of the jewelry piece.

Is Bezel Setting better than Prong Setting?

One final question that needs to be answered about the silver and black diamond bezel setting is whether it is better than Prong Setting. These two are the most widely use mountings for precious stones – so a comparison between them is need.

The setting is more secure and protects the stone better than a prong setting. However, the prong setting allows more light to reflect through the stone, making it brighter. A prong setting is also more versatile and also can be used for larger stones.


Now you know everything there is to know about Bezel Settings. It might not be the fanciest term that you will come across in jewelry making, but there is no denying its importance. And if you are looking for such a solution, then you can connect with Jindal Gems Jaipur. Jindal Gems Jaipur is the leading supplier of gemstone beads for jewelry making in the region.

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