What Type of FSSAI License Do I Require to Sell Food Online?

Yes! It is required to obtain an FSSAI license for each food-related company in India regardless of whether you are selling on the internet or offline. Being the most powerful agency The Food Standards and Safety Authority of India or FSSAI is accountable for regulating and supervising the safety of food. The FSSAI is accountable for monitoring and regulating the nutritional security of the food chain.

There is a common misperception or confusion that is common among Eatable Stuff Business Operators whether FSSAI License is needed for all kinds of Eatables companies like a small food-related businesses selling food from a trucks, selling eatables online or in a home-cooked kitchen and more. To make it easy to understand, an FSSAI food license registration in Jaipur is mandatory to begin or run any business that eats food and an FSSAi License is contingent on the amount of revenue.

FSSAI comprises 14-digit registration numbers or License number, which is required to be printed on packaging for food products. The primary responsibility to FSSAI is to investigate the safety of food products, which covers the nutritional value of the food fabrication, dissemination and stocking, trading, and the properties of their importation. It is also credited with establishing a system of stocking, distribution and other importing FSSAI is also recognized for developing a network of information all across the country that can connect with the people and consumers in a manner that they are educated with complete information on the safety of food and hygiene.

FSSAI food license registration come in different types based on the magnitude of the food industry. They include Central License, State License Basic Registration, and State License.

Basic FSSAI registration: The registration for this is most basic, and is intended specifically small-scale food outlets as well as small-scale business owners. It is not mandatory to have an FSSAI food standard license, but registration is mandatory. Food-related business owners with a turnover under 12 lakh falls under this class. But, registration is essential prior to the start of an Eatables business.

FSSAI license: Obtaining an FSSAI Standard licenses is required for large and medium Food Business Operators, only registration isn’t enough as for small FBOs. The FBOs that have a turnover of more than 12 lakhs are regarded as large or medium Foodstuff Business Operator.

There are two kinds that Food Standard Licences available based on FBOs turnover, the type of food business, and the area in which the food and drink company is located.

State Licenses: This kind of FSSAI License is issued by the State Government. If the food industry’s Business Operations is strictly under the state, then state licenses are granted. In order to obtain this license your turnover for the food company should be in the range of 12 up to 20 million. They are generally classified in the small-scale businesses like suppliers, storage wholesaler, distributor, dairy units, foodstuff labelers catering, packers, etc.

Central License: Central Government is responsible to issue this license to food-related businesses with a turnover of greater than 20 millions. This license is issued to government Foodstuff agencies, import and export business that deal with Foodstuff products, and large-scale foodstuff businesses fall under this group. Foodstuff businesses that deal exclusively exports must obtain the FSSAI Central License. If a business operator is able to eat food and has a headquarters are located across more than one country, they must also obtain a Central License.

Manufacturing Capacity is also included in this class including

  • The quantity of food products (excluding milk and dairy products, meat, and meat products) should not exceed 100kg per day.
  • The procurement, handling and collection of milk has to be a maximum of 500 kilograms per day.
  • Capacity of slaughtering Foodstuff Business Operators should be less than 10 small animals, or two large animals or 50 poultry birds per day.

Apart from manufacturers, the petty food company should be able to obtain the food license registration in Jaipur.

You’re now all set to market your food products aren’t you ? It is true that the petty food business owner could be an individual or an organization.

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