Guide to buying Diamond and Crystal Beads like a pro

Buying the best diamond and crystal beads is considered a tough job. But this blog will help you buy a perfect diamond, even online or by renders. 

Given below are some quick steps to know about how to buy a diamond: First, choosing a diamond and crystal, you must know about the 4Cs. 

  • Cut 
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight 

Guide to buying diamond and crystal beads

Buyers must consider these 4Cs before buying a diamond from any store. 

  • Cut: Diamond beads are in raw form when it comes to the surface from the bottom layers of Earth. The cut is considered to be the design given by the jewelers. They shaped and polished it. The monetary value of natural gemstones directly depends upon the cut and shape. The more the diamond reflects and shines, the more it costs. 
  • Color: The diamonds usually are of pure white color, but sometimes an overlay of yellow and brown too. There is a grading system that decides the value of precious stones. Like the diamonds are given a grade from D to Z. D to K are considered the best and most valuable. 
  • Clarity: To check the clarity of gemstone beads, you must understand that flawless diamonds are more valuable in monetary terms. 
  • Carat weight: Carat weight is the weight and size of a diamond. Five carats is 1 gram. Carat weight determines the shape and size of precious stones.

Ways to find out the best Diamond And Crystal Beads

Diamond and crystal beads are precious things. So it would be best if you took some time before buying it. A few ways to find out the best diamond for you are mentioned below:

  • The less the cost of a diamond, the more petite carat weight diamond it is: even if you have a low budget in your hand, it better to save the money and buy later but a better diamond. If a diamond costs less, you must double-check the carat weight. If you don’t, it may lead you to some disappointment. 
  • The fancy-looking diamond looks appealing but does not sparkle: the customers get attracted to the fancy-looking diamond and want to have it. But before buying, you must know that the fancier it is, the less it sparkles. Some stones, like quartz beads and emeralds, have less cut but sparkle more. It means it is worth buying rather than the fancier diamond that doesn’t shine.
  • You must check the scratches before buying: the scratch on a diamond comes when it is poorly polished. I should have purchased a less scratched diamond always. 
  • The cheaper diamond may not be adequately cut: if the diamond costs less in numbers, then it must not have been cut properly. Such diamonds are not worth your money. 


I hope this article has helped you understand some essential points you must consider before buying a precious stone for yourself or your loved ones. Diamonds are a lifetime thing to buy, so everyone wants the perfect-looking diamond that matches their budget, but some renders may trick you and give you less-worthy diamonds. So you must know the difference and double-check everything before having it. You can even go to different stores to check the quality and compare it. It may help you in deciding where to buy it. 

At Prismatic Gems, you can buy genuine diamond and crystal beads and wear them to enhance your appeal. So keep this guide in mind and purchase diamonds and crystal beads. 

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