A Detailed Guide to Choose Luxury Bed Covers for Home Decor

Our Home is the whole and sole of our life because we always tend to return towards it for relaxation and the feeling of warmth. Everyone wants to keep their Home very beautiful along with elegance yet a perfect touch of cleanliness. Home decor plays a vital role in the overall beauty and etiquette of the Home. Your Home will look put together and uniform only because of the home decor items. Even small home decor pieces will enhance the look of your Home and give it a vibrant yet fresh feel. Bedcovers are one such crucial home decor piece that will instantly change the decoration game of your Home.

Detailed Guide to Cotton Luxury Bed Covers

Handblock print Bedcovers have innumerable varieties these days in the market, and customers easily feel overwhelmed looking at all of them. But, all of them are not made using similar materials, which creates a difference in the quality. In this blog, we have a detailed guide towards the cotton bedcover wholesalers in Jaipur to create a luxurious feel for your home decor.

luxury bed covers

1) Thread Numbers-

One of the foremost care that one should take while buying bedcovers is ensuring the number of threads and quality of material that’s been used. The number of threads which are use per square foot defines the quality of the products, and it’s a standard rule that the thread number should always be more. The common thread count should be somewhere between 200 to 600 and the customers should always ensure that they never buy bedcovers with less than this thread count.

2) Size and Measurements-

The next obvious but mostly ignored factor or tip while buying the Jaipur famous print bedcovers is knowing about the size and measurements of your bed really well. An easy way to define the sizes without having to measure with tape is to know about the bed categories, which are single, queen size and king size. King size bed is the highest size bed among all the other ones. There are bed covers available as per the bed categories these days in the market. Hence, this step will be easy for you. But what if your bed size is between queen and king size or even more than the normal ones? We also have a solution for this problem, as bedcover manufacturers in Jaipur will customize the size which is suited for your Home at the best prices.

3) Color Combinations-

The next tip while buying hand block print bed covers is according to the colour theme of your bedroom. Every bedroom has some colour theme, including flooring, wall painting and other small details. In order to bring everything in sync, home decor items play a very good role. Hence, when you buy bedsheets, make sure you are following the colour theme of your bedroom. When you purchase as per this tip, your bedroom will look very luxurious. If you have done something very big for it without having to spend a hell of a lot of money.

4) Research-

In Jaipur, there are a lot of shops that sell bedcovers and print block bedsheets. New buyers can easily get seeing a lot of options. There are also high chances of you being cheated if you are a new buyer and going inside the Jaipur Market. To avoid all of this, it’s relevant that every customer should conduct their due research before shortlisting one shop and buying the bed covers. You should first check all the shops that sell bed covers and then know about the prices. Once you have an idea about the prices while buying the final ones, you can bargain to get the best deal from the shopkeepers.

5) Fill Power-

The next tip while buying the bedcovers for the bedroom is to know about the fill power of the cloth. The fill power is the inside material of the bedsheet that creates volume and brings everything together to form the final product. The fill power should be good enough to take the weight of the threads as well as other materials used in the bedsheets.

6) Durability of Luxury Bed Covers-

The durability and the overall quality of the bedcovers should be very good. The bed covers should have materials that are of the highest quality and finish. Good quality raw materials only provide the final product with a good finish.

Above mentioned are some of the tips while buying from a cotton bedsheet wholesaler. All these tips will come in handy for you next time you are thinking about buying bed covers for your interior space. Good quality and vibrant bed covers will change the decorum of your Home. Also give your Home a very elegant and amazing look finish.

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