How To Remove Specs Permanently

Struggling with contact lenses? Losing spectacles?

The hassles of spectacles and contact lenses can be endless. At times, it gets difficult to include them in our daily routine. Spectacles have their own set of care instructions. You cannot wear them to every possible destination or in every weather. Cold areas? They can turn foggy and need to be wiped at regular intervals. Hot & humid weather? The sweat makes them uncomfortable to wear.

While contact lenses help us with the hassle of spectacles, they can be a little tough to wear. If contact lenses are not handled properly with extreme care and hygiene, there are high risks of eye infections. On some days, we might be unable to remove them on time. What would that result in? Dry eyes. Redness and irritated eyes. On busy days, we need things that can make our life easier.

So, wouldn’t it be great to remove our spectacles permanently? Well, now that is something we all have wished for.

With the advancement of technology, getting rid of spectacles permanently has become a reality. The options for this are endless. Keeping your vision requirements into consideration, the doctor can provide you with the best option. Vision correction surgeries with the help of laser can be a boon to end all your struggles with spectacles and lenses.

Among them, Eye Lasik Surgeon can be one of the best options. The easy, quick, and faster healing process. But, before you decide on any of these, awareness is essential.

Let’s understand how LASIK Surgery can help you!

What is LASIK?

LASIK or laser in-situ keratomileusis refers to a vision correction laser eye surgery that can also help with other sight problems. It is a laser-assisted procedure that gives you clear vision and gets rid of your spectacles.

This surgical procedure aims at reshaping the cornea to let light re-focus on the back of your eye or retina. As a result, your eyes map out a clear picture of anything you see. Thus, proves to be a great alternative to your spectacles.


With different vision surgeries in options, one should be aware of their results and why it’s done. LASIK Eye Surgery can help with the following vision problems:

  1. Nearsightedness or Myopia
  2. Farsightedness or Hyperopia
  3. Astigmatism

Compared to other surgical procedures, LASIK can help with multiple sight problems. Some other advantages of getting LASIK include the following:

  •  Quick Recovery
  •  No stitches
  •  No pain
  •  Higher chances of reaching accurate vision goal
  •  No hassle with spectacles.

LASIK Eye Surgery can be a great choice with the above-mentioned advantages. But before deciding on the right procedure, let’s find out if you are the right candidate for LASIK.

Are you fit for LASIK?

You are the right candidate for LASIK if,

  •  You are above 18 years old
  •  You do not have an extreme case of dry eyes.
  •  You do not have other eye risks like Glaucoma.
  •  Your cornea is not thin or uneven.
  •  You have a stable vision prescription.
  •  You do not have other serious health conditions, such as Diabetes, Arthritis, etc.

Along with these, make sure to discuss with your doctor any kind of medication or steroids you are using.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

Once you are found to be the right fit for LASIK, the doctor will carry out certain tests. Pre-surgery, you will be given certain instructions to follow. On the day of surgery, remember to have someone accompany you. It is not advisable to go back home on your own. Also, do not use any eye makeup.

The surgery takes 30 minutes at most. Your doctor will use anesthesia to numb the eye area. Using the laser, a flap will be created in the cornea to reshape it. The corneal tissue is reshaped to help the light re-focus on the retina for clear vision. And then, the flap is put back.

Post Surgery, you will be required to follow care instructions for it to heal quicker. The next day, a follow-up will be scheduled. It takes just a few weeks to get your clear vision back completely. You might need a few follow-ups after the surgery to check your progress.

LASIK EYE SURGERY: Post Operative Care Instructions

The doctor can ask you to take care of the following instructions:

  •  Use eye drops as prescribed to avoid dry eyes.
  •  Do not go into the water for at least 2 weeks.
  •  Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  •  Wear the eye shield as long as prescribed.
  •  Do not drive directly after surgery.
  •  Refrain from straining activities and limit screen time.
  •  Protect your eyes when you go out.
  •  Consult your ophthalmologist if you face any discomfort.

In addition to these, do not miss out on any follow-up. You might notice dry eyes post-surgery for a certain period. Consult your doctor if there is any complication.

Specs Removal Surgery in Delhi can depend on different factors. If you want to get both your eyes done, they may differ from one eye. The LASIK surgery cost also depends on where you get it done.

Wearing spectacles or contact lenses can be a hassle to maintain. Vision correction surgeries like LASIK can be a great alternative to that. Make sure to get it done by a professional and follow all the instructions.


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