How to Choose the Right NetSuite Magento Integration Partner?

NetSuite Magento Integration

NetSuite is the global leader in cloud-based ERP solutions, offering businesses flexible, agile, and scalable solutions to fuel their growth and achieve high performance in business automation. NetSuite ERP is particularly preferred by enterprises and mid-market businesses looking for accelerated growth and expansion. The idea is to implement the NetSuite ERP system once and have the freedom to scale the platform as and when required without having to worry about any impedance in scalability. In essence, NetSuite cloud ERP is your back-office system that you can never outgrow.

However, for ecommerce businesses ERP systems aren’t the only important component to fuel growth. Ecommerce businesses need a reliable, high-performance, and advanced web development platform that supports their growth plans, as well. That’s one reason why Magento has remained a popular choice for leading global ecommerce stores. Just like NetSuite ERP, Magento has proven to be the leading ecommerce web development platform, offering businesses with advanced functionalities, flexibility, and scalability they need to take the lead in the highly competitive online industry. The out of the box B2B support, advanced tools, and thousands of third-party extensions to continually fuel performance and growth, makes Magento the perfect partner for ecommerce businesses.

Now, while these two systems may be the best combination ever to fuel the rapid expansion and growth of ecommerce businesses, you need to integrate them seamlessly to make the most out of them. Unfortunately, these are two entirely separate systems, and integrating them to enable seamless data flow between these two isn’t the easiest feat to achieve. Even companies with dedicated IT departments may find it hard to aptly integrate the two systems. That’s where a trusted NetSuite Magento integration partner comes into play. Many ecommerce businesses rely on professional NetSuite Magento integration partners for a seamless integration solution between the two systems. To streamline the Magento – NetSuite integration, professional integration companies offer easy and rapid NetSuite Magento Connectors. The NetSuite Magento connector helps companies to minimize the risks, reinforce the right integration solution, launch faster, and save money on the integration solution.

So, if you are thinking to integrate NetSuite ERP with Magento commerce to boost your business growth, better take a moment and read out some important questions raised in this post, so you may find the best NetSuite Magento connector solution and the right partner that understands your business needs.

Why you need to integrate NetSuite ERP and Magento Commerce System

Systems integration is never an easy feat. It’s essentially an effort to try to integrate two different systems which originally aren’t meant to communicate. That’s one reason why systems integrations are often prone to unpredicted delays, multiple cost overruns, and errors. Well, with the NetSuite Magento connector, it’s like you have a pre-built bridge that’s optimally developed to link these two systems. With qualified and skilled NetSuite Magento integration partners and an established NetSuite Magento connector, businesses can experience a smooth, and rapid integration process, the benefits of which far outweigh the risks. Some of the benefits of NetSuite Magento integration includes;

Better Customers’ visibility: With NetSuite ERP integration with Magento Commerce, businesses have access to crucial customer data like order history, status, preferences, and others. And since the data is accessible across the department, this means that the marketing team can leverage the customer data to design more efficient marketing campaigns to boost sales. Similarly, the inventory management and supply chain team can access crucial data to streamline order fulfillment for better customer satisfaction

Better Visibility: With NetSuite ERP, business executives and leaders get access to real-time data and insight into business performance across various departments. This enables them to persistently monitor performance and take necessary measures where necessary to ensure business continuity and growth

Accurate Product Information: By integrating the Magento Commerce with NetSuite inventory and product catalog, you can be sure of displaying the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, and availability of products online. This means that you won’t be accepting orders for out-of-stock products or charge the wrong price, which may lead to reputational loss.

Business Automation: With NetSuite ERP software, Magento store owners can automate various workflow processes like data entry, inventory restocks, order fulfillment, and others. This not only makes the entire business operations more efficient and reliable but also lowers the chances of errors while also cutting costs.

How to choose NetSuite Magento Integration Partner? 

So, you are ready to implement NetSuite Magento integration. But wait! Before you move on with integration, it’s important to have a reliable, experienced, and skilled ERP integration partner who can deliver a smooth and seamless integration solution. The right NetSuite Magento integration partner works in close collaboration with you to understand your needs, refine your requirements, and choose the best pre-built NetSuite Magento connector for your business. Here are some questions you need to ask your integration partner before sealing the deal with them;

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced NetSuite Magento integration partner, Folio3 may be your best choice. We are a global leader in offering robust, reliable, and consistent ecommerce – ERP integration solutions at the most competitive pricing. Based in California, USA, our in-house developed pre-built NetSuite Magento Connector brings you the convenience to integrate these two crucial business systems with confidence and reliability.

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