How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi

HP printers now come in various types and options. And one of the best features of the HP printer is the fact that you can use them by connecting them to the internet. Make sure that you use the printer in a manner that enables you to establish a good connection with your device. This also makes printing so much easier with the help of other devices like mobiles, tablets etc. as well. You can also ensure that your printer has been connected with multiple devices at a given point as this would help in its overall functioning and assist printing on many levels too.

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This article has been drawn up in this regard to assist you on how you can connect your HP Deskjet printer to the Wifi. The steps should be able to give you a clear picture of how this should proceed. After you have done this, then try to conduct a few test prints to see if the printing options have been implemented on your device in a proper manner. Ensure you follow the steps given below to properly apply them too.

  1. First thing which you need to do is make sure that your HP printer has been setup in a proper manner. Only then should you proceed with using the device for further printing or connecting with the WiFi as well. Make sure that you first check the printer for external breaks, see if the device has been setup in a proper manner and also has good network.
  2. A functioning internet connection ensures that your printer will not face further issues in your device not working properly. This will also enable better connection to be established with your HP printer.
  3. One of the methods by which you can do this is by going to the HP support page option and typing out the name of the printer on the website. Make sure that you download the link which you are directed to, and then move on to using it. Another thing which you could do is install the printer driver software in advance.
  4. Having the required software already downloaded on your device saves up on the time as well. You can now click on it and allow the software to run. You will be given the option to choose the type of network connection which you want to enable on your printer, and then move on to clicking on the wireless option. This should then have you directed to another page where you have to save the options and then apply it. Wait for a few minutes before you start using it.
  5. You can also setup the process with a wireless setup wizard on your device. This can be done with the help of a printer which has the graphics display panel. Ensure that your device is first connected to a power source for proper functioning. Then make sure that you have the wireless setup wizard enabled from here, then go to the wireless option on your device present on the control panel. Click on it. Once you have selected the network option which you want to establish connection with, then click on it and type in the network credentials given.
  6. With the WPS button you can ensure that the Wifi connection process happens in a smoother and faster way as well. This is something however which only applies to those printers which have the presence of a WPS button. Make sure that you give some time after clicking on the WPS button. This will then direct you to the printer option, and you have to then click on the option which says wireless on it as well.

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