How to Remove Watermark from Image Online?

A watermark is a mark on an image to claim ownership of the content. For example, when you search for a picture on Google image, you may have found images containing remark names or markings of the original owner. This is the watermark that ensures that no other person or business can copy the work.

However, you may need to use an image found on the internet. But you may not be able to use it with the watermark due to legal issues. You will need to use online watermark removal services for the job.

There are several online watermark removal services available on the internet. This article will focus on how to remove watermark from images online.

Online vs Offline Watermark Remover

A watermark is a symbol, logo, name, or text on the photo. If you use content with a watermark on it, you may be facing legal cases against you for stealing the picture or the video. Therefore, watermark removers can be the best thing for you to use an image without the watermark.

You can remove the watermark through an online platform easily. There is also offline watermark removing software available for the work. So which one should you choose?

Online watermark removers are the go-to options for many people or businesses. This is the fastest way you can remove watermarks from a picture. However, any online website has the issue of security or protection. The best thing about using online websites for the job is that the services are primarily free and quick. However, a disadvantage is that you do not know whether you are downloading viruses or malware into your computer after removing watermarks online.

On the other hand, offline options are software that you download. This software is another excellent way to remove watermarks and work on building professional photo editing skills. However, offline watermark removers are not free. You will have to pay a subscription fee to utilize the options to remove watermarks.

3 Types of Watermarks on Images

There are several different types of watermarks on a picture. Therefore, you need to avail other services that can remove different watermarks.

Simple Watermark

Simple watermarks are the lightest of all the watermarks. These marks may not be seen easily in a picture. They are usually placed in the middle and the easiest to remove.

Moderate watermark

This kind of watermark is neither too light nor too deep. However, they cause a bit more distraction and can be tougher to remove. You may need to be handy with proper tools to remove moderate watermarks manually.

Challenging watermark

You may often come across watermarks that can be seen all over the image. These watermarks are not placed in a single space. Therefore, they cause the most distraction and are the most difficult to remove.

How to Remove Watermark from Image Online: 3 Step Approach

Watermark is an adequate copyright protection for photographers, videographers, and any other content creators. However, watermarks can be a pain towards your work completion. You could be in desperate need to use an image, and removing the watermark can do the trick for you. Here is a 3-step approach to remove watermark from image online.

Step 1: Find the website and upload the image

The first step of the task is to find a suitable website on the internet. There are numerous websites available that offer the same services. Your job is to find one that can work with both simple and complex images. The best website is the one that can work with simple, difficult, challenging, and transparent watermarks.

Once you find the website, go on it and find the option to upload the image you want to remove the watermark from. Make sure you have the correct idea with a proper resolution. This ends the first step of the task.

Step 2: Highlight the watermark area

The following job is to highlight the area where the watermark needs to be removed. Again, the marker highlight should be a built-in feature in any website.

You should make sure that you highlight the watermark area properly. You can reduce or increase the marker area according to your preference. Proper marking of the watermark area can ensure that the aftermath of the editing is perfectly distinguishable from the previous version.

Step 3: Remove the watermark and download the picture

The last step is to click on the “Run” button to finish the watermark removal process. The website will automatically remove the watermark from the image.

When you download the image, make sure you save the correct resolution picture. Most websites should provide you with the option to download different resolution pictures. However, it is best to keep the original version image.


Knowing how to remove watermark from images online can save you a lot of trouble using a downloaded image for your work. However, watermarks can be a headache for content creators with a lower budget, who cannot buy pictures or videos for their use. Therefore, following the three steps of removing the watermark from picture contents should be your go-to option.

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