How to install the Radha Krishna Marble Statue in your home temple?

Radha and Krishna have one of the most heartwarming love stories in Hinduism. They represent the ideal of love that has no bounds. Krishna plays the flute while Radha looks on in a standard couple’s statue pose. The statue can also be ordered in a sitting position, which strikes a similarly beautiful pose.

The Radha Krishna marble statue has become a popular house decoration because of its ability to draw compliments from visitors. To keep its lustre for many years, regular care is required. The vaijyanti mala was a necklace that Lord Krishna frequently wore. Wrapping a vaijyanti mala around your temple will appease Kanha. Jaipur’s leading marble statue manufacturer is Bhuvaneshwari Moorti Art.

Tips to Choose Vastu-Friendly Radha Krishna Murti

The living room, bedrooms, or a couple’s bedroom are all appropriate locations for an “Iskon Radha Krishna marble murti” or figure. These sculptures represent the ideal of romantic love. We must ensure, however, that the statues or idols depicting the couple in this state of adoration are not those utilized in poojas or prayers. They are perfect for a wedding or housewarming, among other occasions.

Vastu Tips To Place Radha Krishna Statue

A superstitious idea about Krishna sculptures with flutes has been gaining traction recently. It is stated that if you have an idol or statue of Krishna in your home when he is playing the flute. You will experience a financial problem and end up poor. As Krishna is revered in all his manifestations, this idea is without foundation. Placing a statute of Lord Krishna and Radha with a flute will not solve your business issues but will help you relax and enjoy life more. They say that your troubles will evaporate if you listen to Krishna play his flute.

Never Place The Idol In These Rooms & Corners (Bedroom & NorthEast Corner)

According to Vastu, the northeast is the finest location for a temple or Mandir (a space used for religious ceremonies). It is considered great Vastu Shastra to have portraits or idols towards the West Direction and the person praying to face the East Direction. Images depicting our deities, like photographs or statues, should be hung so that they face the interior of the home rather than the front entrance. Remember that no statue or figure is ever placed so that visitors entering the house would be looking at its back. We have discussed the ideal location for the Krishna, in the northeast corner, and how it should always face eastward or westward, but there are other factors to think about, such as the proximity to other rooms. Keep your Krishna statue out of the bedroom and bathroom at all costs!

Invites Love and Prosperity Into Your Home

In Hinduism, Krishna is revered as the personification of love, riches, and prosperity. You welcome all of the fortunate omens that Krishna brings into your home when you install a statue of him there. However, to gain blessings, you need to know where exactly to place the Radha Krishna Marble Statue in your home temple and in what direction you should face him.

Significance of Radha Krishna Murti

Radha and Krishna, a symbol of love, signify the coming together of two individuals. It describes two personalities that are treated as a single entity. Radha and Krishna’s love tale has been monumental from the beginning to the end. This is why the idol of Radha-Krishna is so commonly presented during festivals, marriages, Grah Pravesh, etc. The custom marble statue completely changes the house’s mood. Beautiful Radha Krishna sculptures carved from marble were thought to bring prosperity and happiness to the households of Hindus. Radha Krishna Marble Murti is a beautiful asset to a newlywed couple as they embark on their new life together.

This fabulous pair creates a beautiful love song that serves as an example to other couples. The gods will bless your temple, and your community will be a happier, more loving place with the help of this stunning idol. The addition of artwork and a white and black marble tirupati balaji statute to your home. It will not only make it more aesthetically pleasing but will also serve to inspire you each morning when you wake up.

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