Installation Circle of Cat6 Plenum and Cat6 Riser Cables

Concerned about safety, a lot of people prefer buying flame-resistant cables. Of these, plenum cable as well as riser cables are the best two categories of flame retardant that they can choose. Category 6 cables are extensively used in these day in main two categories within the Ethernet Cable classes. What exactly is the circle of plenum cat6 plenum cable? What exactly is a riser cat6 cable? cat6 riser cables vs Cat6 Plenum cable, why is the one higher priced than other?

Jacket Coatings

Before you know the details of what Cat6 Plenum cables as well as Cat6 riser cables, determine the fire-repellent Ethernet jacket coatings for the cable at the beginning. There are currently 2 (commonly) used kinds of flame-resistant cables that are widely used, including PVC Underwriters Laboratories cable (UL cable), US fire protection standards) and Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable (LSZH cable), European national fire protection standards).

Cat6 plenum cables and Cat6 riser cables are part of that of the “UL cable type”–including a variety of cables which are classified into five categories based on their safety standards. They are used in environments like CMP cable CMR cable CM cable CMG cable as well as CMX cable.

Circle of Cat6 Plenum

The Communications Multipurpose (CMP) cable is the most demanding cable of the (UL) standard for fire protection. The standards for safety are UL910. It’s designed to limit the (spread of flames) to not more than five feet and limit how much smoke that is (released) in the event of an incident. Plenum cat6 cable is a CMP cable that is designed for installation in the air plenum space. The typical Cat6 Plenum cable jacket is (comprised) of either a low-smoke Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or an ethylene polymer that is fluorinated (FEP).

Installation Procedure of Cat6 Plenum

The plenum cat6 cables were designed to allow for the return of (airflows from buildings) which will allow air circulation to HVAC and cooling systems. The cable cat6 networks are generally used inside the air-return pressure boosting system found in ventilation ducts and the air handling system (above a ceiling suspended from the ceiling or beneath a floor that is raised such as). Because smoke and fire are able to travel quickly and spread through these plenum areas that are filled with fresh oxygen which can cause damage to furniture and put lives at risk and lives, the Cat6 Plenum cables are crucial to stop the fire from spreading.

Circle of Cat6 Riser

Cat6 riser cable which is also called Cat6 CMR cable (Communications Multipurpose Cable, Riser) is the commercial grade cable of the UL standard that meets the safety standard UL1666. It is designed to keep the spread of fire from floor to ceiling in vertical installations. Therefore, it is typically employed for floor wiring. In contrast to an Cat6 Plenum cable Cat6 riser cable typically has a jacket that is made of cheap PVC.

Installation Procedure of Cat6 Riser

Non-plenum cables can be used everywhere and, in any building, excluding plenum space or air ducts. Therefore, riser cat6 is usually used between floors in areas that (aren’t) plenum. It is the main source of a building’s distribution network that carries voice, data and video across the various spaces and levels of a structure from the entry point for service. For both residential and commercial structures CMR cables are required in both residential and commercial buildings. CMR cables are essential to connect floors using lifters or shafts that are vertical.

  • A plenum network cable is (utilized) in a riser area, but it is generally not permitted to be utilized in the plenum space.
  • The wrong type of cable could lead to legal issues in the event of a fire to occur. If riser-rated cables are installed in a plenum in which CMP-rated cables ought to be installed, the fumes and smoke generated by burning cables could be transported through the HVAC system and then spread across the building, resulting into the loss of money or even deaths.
  • If you are unsure, refer to when in doubt, refer to the NFPA National Electrical Code. It will let you know the type of cable that is suitable for use were.

In essence, plenum cat6 and riser cat6 cables differ in terms of (safety) standards. The former meets the standards of UL910 which is the most stringent standard. This makes Plenum cables among the most demanding. However, the latter conforms to the standards of (UL1666) which isn’t as stringent as the earlier one. In the past, because the demands for riser cables are less, plenum cables may be utilized in lieu of riser cables however, they are not able to be used in reverse. Therefore, some installers might prefer to keep the plenum cables in their inventory to save storage (space and reduce) the inventory.

Cat6 plenum cables are made from smoke-free PVC or FEP which is superior in electrical and chemical resistance. It can operate at a temperature of (-25 to 130) degree (Celsius) and is impervious to all sorts of chemical. Cat6 riser cable however is made of relatively low-cost PVC and this PVC material can emit thick smoke and potentially dangerous gases such as hydrogen chloride when in the event of a fire. The temperature at which the riser cat6 ranges between 70-70 degrees Celsius. That’s the reason for why the plenum cat6 is more costly than a riser.

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