Is WIFI blast 300Mbps repeater extend my home network?

WiFi blast 300Mbps repeater is working to extend the signal of your home router. This extender will instantly connect to the host router and start to increase the signal capacity. It will throw the dead zones of your home and make a full network environment in the whole of your home even in gardens. If the signal range in your room is weak and you are compromising with a network disconnection issue. Simply install a Wi-Fi blast range extender in the center hall and enjoy network in all your home. This extender provides a high-speed connection of 300Mbps. The setup process is very easy using mobile/pc/laptop. 

You can easily configure its settings after login into your extender, if you are thinking about how to setup wifi blast, just need to connect your extender to your computer using any wired or WI-FI method. Then log in to your extender and configure the settings as per your choice. The Wi-Fi blast range extender comes with many superior features and high-security network protection. This extender has WPA/WEP/WPA2 security modes which make the network more secure. This extender has built-in external antennas which catch the weak frequency of your host router and transmit by boosting them all-around your home. 

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How to extend my host router network using a WiFi blast 300Mbps repeater?

The Wi-Fi blast extender will cover a large area and kills all the dead zones. For better performance, you need to place your extender at an ideal location from the router not too close or not so far. So let’s go to extend your host router network. 

Connect the extender to router

Unpack your brand new extender and collect all the accessories like power cable, adaptor, LAN/WAN cable, etc. Plug the extender into an electrical outlet. (it’s better to connect your extender at the nearest electric point from the router). 

Take a LAN cable and connect one end to the router WAN port and another end to extender WAN port and turn ‘ON’ both devices. 

Create a connection between extender to mobile/pc/laptop

Now you have to connect your computer/laptop/mobile to access the extender settings for configuration. There are two ways for connection that you can do via WI-FI or ethernet. 

Ethernet Connection

Take an ethernet cable and connect one end with the computer/pc/laptop and another end directly to the extender ethernet port. 

Wi-Fi Connection

Open Wi-Fi settings on your device and connect with the Wi-Fi blast network. If the network is secured find the security key on the sticker of your extender on the backside. 

Access WiFi blast 300Mbps repeater settings 

After connecting your computer to the extender network, simply launch any web browser in same device. Then in the address field input the default IP which is and hit to enter button.

A login page of WI-Fi Blast extender will appear on your screen enter ‘admin’ to login. In this way you can easily login to your extender. 

Configure settings 

Now you are on the extender admin settings page, here you found number of settings. So let’s discuss some important settings which are necessary. 

After login you will get setup wizard page, here you will get 3 different modes. We are going to configure via repeater mode, so select it.

Now on the next screen you will get all the nearby active Wi-Fi networks. Tap on your host router network and connect with it. 

After connecting, you can enjoy the extended network. Also Read

If you wish to change the extender network name or password, click to advanced settings and then select wireless network. Here click to SSID and rename it. To set a password, select security mode and enter new password. In last, click to save.

Connect WiFi blast 300Mbps to router via WPS

Connect your extender into electric outlet, keep in mind your extender is near to router. Simply press the WPS button on router. Within 2 minutes activate WPS of Wi-Fi blast extender. The extender will connect with router shortly. Check the LED lights if WPS LED turns into solid, means connection is successfully done. If your router does not support WPS function you can connect your extender using online method. Which is already discussed above. 

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