Kasol Region – Great weekend Destination

Kasol is a perfect weekend hotspot for you due to the number of options it provides. One can enjoy many treks and camping options when in Kasol making your weekend a thrilling one. If you wish to spend some peaceful time away from monotonous life you can pay a visit to Manikaran Sahib, take a stroll along Parvati River, hog on some famous Israeli Cuisine, explore local villages and shopping Streets of Kasol, partying in some crazy festivals and bars provides some beautiful cafes to treat the explorer inside you.

You can have all the fun of trekking, tranquility of mountains, enjoy the scenic landscapes of nature’s offerings and make your vacation a perfect one. Kasol will fit your weekend travel so perfectly owing to the opportunities it facilitates to adventure enthusiasts as well as leisure travellers.

Best Places For Trekking Experience :

Kheerganga Trek
All you can experience here is lush green meadows but for the most part of the year, it is covered with snow blankets. The trails are slippery and icy making the trek to KheerGanga THRILLING yet HELL FUN. It is a 9 km long trail which takes a four-hour climb. You can experience the scenic landscape of snow-capped mountains , cloudy and misty sky and aroma of pine trees around 360 degrees. It is quite famous for hippies around here.

● Sar Pass Trek
The local word ‘Sar’ translates to the word ‘Lake’. It is a pretty common attraction for people where they typically plan to spend their weekend. The second to kind of view leaves us awe striking. The nature’s bounty here is worth a visit.

● Pin Parvati Pass Trek
It is a thrilling, adventurous & beautiful journey specially for seasonal trekkers. One gets to see the admirable beauty of dense forests, grasslands to high altitude glaciers. You get to experience every kind of possible topography in one single trek. It is a dreamy fairytale kind of place to visit.

Chalal Trek
Chalal Trek is a not so long trail but worth giving a shot to explore the local areas of Kasol. One can pay a visit to some neighbourhood cafes and take a stroll in apricot orchards located in this village. One can enjoy the peaceful and tranquil aura of the village.

River side, Best Sight

The panoramic beauty of the serene peaceful lake surrounded by lovely Parvati Valley is what you get. The pine trees’ lush green beauty is like an additional quality to this scenic view.
You can also get to the other side of the river for which you will have to cross an old wooden bridge which gives you a little adrenaline rush. You can enjoy this beautiful waterbody with the best view possible.

Must Visit:

#1. Tosh: Set at an altitude of approximately 2400 metres, far from the crowd, Tosh is a traditional Himachali village in Parvati Valley. It is popular for vegetation especially for Cannabis Plantation. One can enjoy the essence of lifestyle and culture of this quaint village. You can savour the delicacies of Israeli Cuisine while enjoying parties at cafes. You can also spot many Israeli tourists around here throughout the year.

#2. Manikaran Sahib: Manikaran is a Gurudwara situated in the lap of voracious river beas which is 6 km from Kasol. To enjoy the peace and spirituality it is a must visit when you are in Kasol. You can enjoy the savouring flavours of Langar Prashad within this holy place. Manikaran is also home to sacred Hot Spring and as per Sikh and Hindu beliefs it is said that if you take a dip into the spring it will wash away all sins and wrongdoings.

#3. Malana – A solitary village: Malana is ethnically rich in its customs and rules. This ancient village has kept itself virtually isolated from the rest of the world. It is also said to be the oldest democracy in the world.

What else to do?

● YOU CAN Binge on Israeli Cuisine since Kasol is called Mini Israel of India. You can enjoy the mouth watering flavours of shakshuka, lemon cakes and many exotic Israeli dishes.

● You can enjoy local street shopping to get some artefacts and souvenirs. Go
Street Market of Bhuntar is a great place to include on your list if you are a shopping spree and love semi-precious stones, aromatic oils and other specialities of Kasol.

● Rice Beer also called Chaang is a very popular drink of Kasol. Though it’s a No No to Alcoholic drinks but you cannot miss trying out this. It is not easily accessible but your host can arrange it for you.

● The Hype Music Festival and Parvati Shangri-La in Kasol are very popular in Kasol. You can experience musical performances and have fun with barbeque, bonfire, and other fun activities. If you are truly a party animal you can enjoy “Kasol Trance Vibe” at its best.

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