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Design Your Logo

Whether you area startup, a website owner,or a local business manager, it is essential to have an elegant logo, in addition to a modern-looking website, to represent the image of your company.

It is an essential communication lever that appears on your business documents, social networks, business cards, etc.

Luckily, here is the good news that you don’t necessarily need to hire a graphic designer to create your logo in your company colors. You can do it yourself quickly and inexpensively with these tips and free software to create your logo online.

What you should know before creating your logo online

Before you start creating your logo online, this post recommends following these basic principles to get started in the right direction.

Choose your colors according to your industry. Colors refer to emotions, and these unconscious associations play a role in marketing and consumer psychology. For example, green for ecology, red for fast food, orange for a vitamin touch, etc.

Don’t use too many colors: Unless you are looking to create a carnival-style logo, the use of garish colors will create confusion around your company name. You will see that 95% of multinationals use two colors or less for their logo.

Make it easy to read: If your logo is just a name, don’t clutter it with unnecessary icons or symbols. Clarity is the key to a successful logo.

Think about the different formats in which it will be used. You should not create the same logo depending on whether it will adorn the wing of a food truck, the window of a hairdressing salon or the sign of an independent bookstore.

Take care of your message. Your logo is your professional passport that conveys your company’s message. For this message to be consistent, all the elements that compose it, such as name, font, colors, symbols, must also be consistent.

Stand out: don’t rely on an existing logo to create your own. Use originality and creativity to generate positive associations with your brand.

Once you have learned these principles, here are some suggestions for free software to create your logo online.


DesignEvo is an online service for brand logo design. It has more than 10,000 logo templates.It provides a super-convenient logo design process. You can design brand logos according to their preferences, and they can download and use them as soon as they are made.

For example, suppose you are going to start an art Youtube channel. In that case, if the brand concept has been completed, it will not take too much time to enter the design process of DesignEvo, because you can enter keywords like art, and you would get a lot of art logo templates to customize, so can save your time a lot.

Hipster Logo Generator: easy, fast and trendy

Hipster Logo Generator is suitable for those who lack inspiration and want a neat, clean and easily readable logo. It allows you to create an online logo in a design and current style, as seen on the stalls of barbers or modern cafes. You can then download it for free in .png format.

It should still be noted in passing that this software only has a few customization options. So if you have a clear idea, it is better to go your way.

Dafont: a wide choice of fonts

Sometimes the right logo is nothing more than a good graphic font. Google, Coca-Cola, FedEx, all of these logos carry the company’s name with a touch of creativity and color.

You can count on the hundreds of free fonts available at Dafont to give a creative and unique touch to your company name, from polished calligraphy to medieval Gothic fonts.

Canva: the graphics toolbox

Canva is the must-have graphics palette in the Web 2.0 age. Its database has a large stock of illustrations, icons, and fonts used as a backdrop to create your logo online.

On Canva, you can save all of your files. Save them to come back to your creations later and see what inspires you or consult your friends for an objective opinion.

It’s your turn

In conclusion, there are many free logo generators online, but these are in the minority compared to the paid options.

Some design sites charge a fee for your logo upload or usage rights. Conversely, free software remains rather basic and does not allow various customization options.

Suppose you are ready to invest a few tens of dollars to create a logo online with more advanced software. In that case, you can update the subscriptions, which offer advanced customization options and higher resolution, even copyrights. Also, feel free to use these tools as graphical “sandboxes” to let your creativity run wild.

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