Goddess in Stone: Unveiling the Magic Behind of Durga Maa Statue Creation

Navaratri is the festival of colors, and all nine days are celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit. Festivals are all about spreading happiness and showering your prayers on Goddess Durga. The marble Durga statue was installed in many homes and public places during Navaratri.

These statues are specially made and curated with love to please everyone and receive the blessings of the goddess. The process that is involved in the creation of the Marble god statue is genuinely unique. The materials used are of the highest quality and are only available in specific parts of India. Rajasthan is the hub for creating marble god statues.

Magic of Durga Maa Statue Creation

In this blog, we will understand the magic behind the making of Maa Durga Moorti. Let’s know the making process elaborately. It is as follows-

1) Sketching-

Large pieces of marble stones are transformed into the areas where the artisans will work on the Statue. The fragments of boulders are two-dimensional, and the first step involves sketching on them. A sketch is done on the boulder of the Durga Mata by notable artists. While drawing on the marble stone, some sides are left for the wastage. The sketch still needs to be done precisely cut to cut on the boulder as some space must be gone. This is left to ensure proper space during the cutting.

2) Transferring Sketch-

After the sketch is completed, it’s been transferred to the stone. The tools for sharing are pencils, big scales, and a compass. These tools are different from our normal ones and are usually significant. Some Artists have been doing this process for many years, so they have attained expertise with consistent practice. For such Artists, it’s easy to sketch the final outline of the Durga Maa Statue. They are well versed in making all the other statues due to their excellent years of experience.

3) Removing Excess Material-

The elimination of the excess stone that had been left out during the sketch process. Doing a lot of hammering and chiseling removes the excessive part around the sketch. During this process, some wastage happens, and it’s part and parcel of the making of the Durga Maa Statue.

4) Facial Detailing-

Durga Maa Statue manufacturers are dedicated to creating facial features that speak volumes about her power. It is well said that the life of any marble statue comes only from the eyes and facial features. Adding actual facial features is necessary if you want to take your Marble god statue to the next level.

Facial detailing is done on the three-dimensional stone so that features start taking shape and look natural. Before many years, all facial detailing was done by fine Artists using their unique creative and artistic skills. But with time and technology, machines are introduced that carry on the work of doing facial detailing well. Machines make the process quite more accessible, and the result is done in less period also. But one thing is sure: authenticity and love from handmade idols don’t come from the machine ones. Hence, specific artisans and Artists still do everything using their hands rather than preferring the machines.

5) First Finishing-

After carving the fine details of the facial features, the next step is finishing. While cutting the Sherwali Maa Statue, there are certain areas where proper and fine finishing still needs to be done in the first phase. The finishing process must also be done carefully and with a lot of attention to detail. A powdered red stone and water mixture is prepared to complete the finishing process. This mixture is applied to the parts where finishing is left to be done. This step will enhance body parts, and the Statue will start coming to life.

6) Final Finishing-

The last step involves completing the remaining details of the Marble statue. The final stage of the finish needs to be done with a lot of attention to avoid any mishaps. The finishing is done using some sprays and materials that help to remove the redness due to the red stone powder. During the last finish stage, you should remove all the red marks that are still there.

7) Paintings and Fine Details-

The last step involves completing all the fine details like jewelry, sareer designs, earrings, mukut, and much more. The painting is also done during the stage to add colors to the idol. The bright colors will make the Durga Mata statue more beautiful and elegant.

Those mentioned above are some steps in making the Sherawali Maa Statue. The magic that goes behind the making of Makrana Marble idols is astonishing and done by Amazing Artists and artisans.

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