My Laptop Not Connecting To Rockspace WiFi Extender? Easy Fix

Sometimes users face My Laptop Not Connecting issues. Due to Covid-19, Lockdown is engaged in the whole country. So during this Lockdown, everyone is doing online work. One uses a device like a laptop to work online. But online work is possible only with a WiFi network. If you do not have an internet connection, you will not be able to work online. If you want, I can work online sitting anywhere in the house without interrupting the network. So for stable and fast network connectivity, you can use Rockspace WiFi Extender. Because its network coverage is very high in comparison to the device. With this networking device, you can enjoy high-speed network connectivity. Along with this, you will not have to face any interference signals during online work.

As well, the range extender is helpful in the same situation when a Wi-Fi router is already installed in your house. Because the extender device works only with a WiFi router. To enjoy the high-speed WiFi network, you have to rockspace wifi extender setup. You will get the network name only after setup. Through which you will be able to connect your laptop to a WiFi network.

Predominant causes: Laptop Not Connecting To Rockspace WiFi Extender

If you have installed Rockspace WiFi range Extender at home. And connect your laptop to the range extender’s network to work online. But you have to face the error that the laptop is not connecting with the extender. So, you should know the reason behind it. Knowing the reason makes it easy to solve the problem. In other words, it can be said that this reason solves the problem.

  • Maybe the Wi-Fi password is wrong 
  • Due to more space between the laptop & range extender 
  • Not configure the Rockspace extender with the Wi-Fi router 
  • Unaccomplished Rockspace range extender setup 
  • Wire connection wrong & faulty 
  • Selecting the wrong SSID(network name)
  • Ethernet cable is broken or damaged 

Simple solutions: Laptop not connecting to Rockspace WiFi extender 

Some solutions available below, by following which you will be able to solve the problem. Along with this, many solutions will available below, which can be followed step-by-step. Let us start with the solutions meticulously.

Change in the position of the laptop

To fix the problem, first, you should change the position of your laptop. Because sometimes the laptop does not connect to the WiFi network even due to a large gap. To connect the laptop to the WiFi network, you should place the laptop near the extender. By the way, the extender covers the whole house. But sometimes the issue comes. So for this, you need some changes in the position of the laptop. 

Using the wired connection 

To resolve the not connecting error, you can use a wired connection rather than a wireless connection. But the range extender needs to have LAN ports to do wired connections. If there is no LAN port then the wired connection is not possible. But the Rockspace range extender has LAN ports so you can make connections efficiently. Requires an Ethernet cable to make a wired connection. Attach both its ends to the extender and LAN ports of the computer. Then switch ON the power and verify the connection.

Configure the Rockspace extender to the main router

By configuring the setting of the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender, you can also troubleshoot the problem. To configure the setting of the extender, firstly you need the admin panel of the extender. To get the admin panel, just open the internet browser. On the search bar, enter re.rockspace.local & search it. After that, the login page will be open on the screen. By using the login details, you have to log in.

As soon as the extender is logged in, you will see the network name of the wifi router in the setup wizard. You have to choose that network name and then enter the password of your router. After that, you have to click on Connect. Your Rockspace extender is now configured with the router. Similarly, you can also do the msrm wifi extender setup. As well, the configuration is also possible with the WPS button. 

Restart the laptop & rockspace WiFi extender 

To fix the problem, you can restart the laptop & Rockspace extender. To restart the laptop & extender, you need to press the power button, if the power is on. Afterward, unplug the extender & laptop from the surge protector or wall socket. After minutes, you need to plug back and power ON the laptop or range extender. 

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