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Digital marketing means advertisement on digital platforms such as radio, television, social media, smartphone apps, emails, online browsers, search engines, blogs or other emerging digital channels.

Digital marketing is essentially some kind of marketing of electronic goods or services for decades. This is why it is. For business success you need an expert online marketing consultant. A supply chain consultancy is beneficial for your business.

It can be achieved online or offline and both types are also necessary for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

History of Online Marketing

Any working professional is supposed to know, at least, the central tenets of digital marketing in a world where over 170 million people use social media regularly. In basic words, the selling of goods via the internet or electronic media is a matter of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the promotion of, or marketing, goods and services to reach customers as well as companies through digital platforms, according to the Digital Marketing Institute.

First used in the 1990s was the term digital marketing. The modern era started when the internet arrived and the Web 1.0 network was created.

The Web 1.0 platform enables people not to post this information on the web, but to locate the information they wished to get. Before then, the new medium remained unsure for advertisers in the world.

In 1993 HotWired bought a few advertisements for publicity, and the first clickable banner was published. This was the start of the digital marketing transformation. This incremental transition resulted in the introduction of emerging technology into the digital market in 1994. Yahoo was released the same year.

Then came Web 2.0, which made people more interested than inactive consumers. Users could connect with other users and companies on Web 2.0. Labels such as ‘Super Data Path’ started applying to the Internet. As a result, the levels of information flows – including web marketers’ platforms – have grown in number, and by 2004 the US alone carried about $2.9 billion in internet advertising and marketing.

Types of Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The marketing of social media is an effort to acquire popularity and revenue by using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The promotion of social media can now be divided into two camps: organic or sponsored.

Organic Marketing

Organic social media marketing is designed to create a community and strengthen relationships with customers to promote customer engagement and interest.

To do this, there are many forms, let’s look at those. First, you should position your brand in your niche as an expert. It is quick to meet other individuals and have insightful input into interactions.

Search Engine Optimization

Identified as SEO – the method of improving search engine rankings by optimization of websites and interactive content, which then maximizes the number of people on a certain website.

In other words, when you’re searching for “office furniture in London,” you like your office furniture page to be at the top of Google’s search results. Ok, the way you are going to do this is SEO.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the mechanism by which specific web materials are continuously created, distributed and promoted in order to attract, interact and transform the target population into consumers.

Content marketing is in near collaboration with many other forms of internet marketing social media marketing and SEO in particular. As we have seen above, one of the key platforms for the distribution and promotion of content is social media. Let us now examine in greater detail how content marketing applies to SEO.

Affiliate Marketing

The promotion of affiliates is essentially just internet marketing references. A company will set up a scheme that pays commissions for traffic or transactions generated by external websites or by individuals. This enables internet advertisers and influencers to raise money and promote goods or services from another company.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the mechanism by which emails are sent to users in order to acquire new clients and keep current customers. Email marketing does not seem to be the glamorous internet marketing type, but do not underestimate its crude strength.


More and more people spend a lot of their time online, and all you need to access are a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection. What kind of internet marketing would you like to begin to use? Why does that happen? In the comments below, let us see!

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