The Right Way to Set Up the Marble Ganesha Statue at Home and in the Temple

Ganesha, the Hindu god with an elephant head, is among the most respected gods. Marble Ganesha statue is worshipped before the start of any good work because he is known for getting rid of problems. The marble Ganesha statue & marble radha krishna statue is a popular decoration in many Hindu homes and temples. The setting of this figure is not just a matter of taste, though. It has deep spiritual and Vastu Shastra (an old Indian science of space and building) meanings. This blog will discuss how to put a marble Ganesha figure in churches and at home. Let us take a look at Vastu rules for placing Ganesha murti.

How Important Is The Direction In Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra stresses how important direction is for making a place balanced and harmonious. Some different forces and gods control each way. Vastu says that putting holy statues in the right place can bring good energy, wealth, and also peace to the people there.

Putting Up a Ganesha Marble Statue At Home

  1. The corner in the northeast: Putting a Makarana marble Ganesha murti in the northeast area of your home is the best idea. The Ishan corner is the name for this area, which is thought to be the holiest. People think it will give the home energy, wealth, and also good health.
  2. The Front Door: Many people put a Ganesha figure by the front door. People think that this will keep evil away and let good forces in. Make sure the figure faces the inside of the house. This will protect the home and bring good luck inside.
  3. The Prayer Room: Putting the Ganesha figure in a prayer room is the best thing to do if you have one. Ensure the figure is not lying on the ground but on a high table or stage.
  4. Avoid Some Places: Putting the figure in bedrooms, bathrooms, or storage rooms is not recommended because these are seen as rude places.
  5. Putting statues of Ganeshain temples
  6. The Holy Place of Worship: The marble Ganesha figure is usually put in the inner sanctorum of a temple facing west so that when people pray, they can face east, which is thought lucky.
  7. The door: Putting a Ganesha figure near entrance of a building is usual, just like doing it in a house. It protects people and makes them feel welcome with its good energy.
  8. Positioning Compared to Other Deities: In shrines with more than one deity, Ganesha is generally put to the left of the main deity.  That’s where the leaders of the gods’ troops are thought to be.

Some Extra Tips

  • Material Things: Marble is considere a pure and lucky stone for making holy statues. People think it gives off good energy.
  • Size of the Statue: The Marble Hindu god statues should be the right size for the room where they will be put. If something is too big or small, it can throw off the balance of energy and looks.
  • Cleanliness and decorum: The figure must regularly cleaned and cared for. Fresh flowers, sweets, and candles can use as offerings to make the atmosphere more sacred.
  • Respect and Devotion: The figure should be placed with care and devotion. The reason for the placement is just as important as the placement itself.


It is spiritually meaningful where a marble Ganesha figure is place, whether it is at home or in a temple. By following the rules in Vastu Shastra, you can make the appearance of the god even more beneficial. Remember that it’s not enough to follow the rules; you need to make a place where faith grows and also peace and wealth rule.

Putting a marble Ganesha figurine in the right place combines old knowledge and personal trust. It’s about honoring the customs and building a personal relationship with God. It is believe that putting Lord Ganesha in the right way will bring good energy into our lives and also help us follow Vastu’s rules.

This holy attitude is more than just a routine; it celebrates how God is present in our everyday lives. It tells us that wherever Lord Ganesha lives, there is a chance to think, grow spiritually, and get rid of things getting in the way. Let the setting of this holy figure serve as a constant reflection of the balance between the physical and also spiritual worlds. Also leading us to a life of happiness and peace.

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