Ring Floodlight Cam Not Connecting To WiFi Extender: How To Fix It?

If you want to keep your home security then you can install and keep Ring Floodlight Cam. This camera is one of the sufficient options for the home. Along with this, its video quality is very clear. You can know everything easily by viewing the footage of this camera. In other words, the biggest advantage of this security camera is Wi-Fi connectivity technology. So, you can easily & efficiently connect the Ring Floodlight camera to the internet connection. If you want an internet connection for your camera that is stable and high-speed. The Netgear WiFi Range Extender is an immaculate networking device for that. Because its WiFi range is very much outstanding. Along with this, its network coverage is ultimate. Due to this your camera will not be disconnected.

Furthermore, the Netgear WiFi Extender is successful in such a situation when you have a WiFi router installed in your home. Because the extender works with the router only. If you do not set up the extender with the router then you may face some problems like the netgear wifi extender keeps disconnecting, no internet connection, & many more. 

Reasons: Ring Floodlight Cam Not Connecting To WiFi Extender

If you have installed a Ring Floodlight WiFi Security Camera in your home properly. After that, you are connecting it to the network of Netgear Extender, but it is not connecting. So it has to be known what can be the reason due to which the camera is not connecting to the WiFi network. Because if you deem the reason then only you will be competent to solve the problem. Let’s start with some of my reactions.

  • Maybe your Netgear WiFi extender not connecting to the WiFi router
  • You may have selected the wrong WiFi network name due to which the camera cannot connect to the network
  • Wire cable connection may have a broken 
  • Fill up a wrong password or spelling mistake error
  • Unfinished or impartial range extender setup 
  • More space between the Netgear extender and ring floodlight IP camera

Troubleshooting: Ring Floodlight Cam Not Connecting To WiFi Extender

After apprehending some reason why wireless security camera is not connecting to a wifi network. Now it is important that attention should be to its solution. Some solutions for this problem are shown below so that you can solve the problem with ease.

Connect the Netgear WiFi extender to the main router

The first and foremost solution is to connect your Netgear WiFi extender to the main router. Because Netgear extender not working without a Wi-Fi router. If your range extender is not connecting to the main router then the IP camera is also not connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Then, initially, you need to verify the connection. If the connection does not establish, then you need to establish it. You can use the Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) button to connect these two devices. Because connecting with this button is simple and very easy.

Relocate the Netgear extender placement 

To resolve the not connecting error, you can replace the placement of the Netgear range extender. Because sometimes the extender is at a greater distance from the camera. If there is a large gap between the extender and the IP camera, then the camera is not able to catch the network. You should plug the range extender into the side near the IP camera. But only after the router is fully set up, you can change the position of the extender. If you change the position of the extender without setting it up, then the camera will not be able to connect to the network.

Trying to connect the IP camera to network with a network cable 

To solve the problem, you should use a network cable to connect the camera to the WiFi network. You can efficiently make the connection because the Netgear extender supports a LAN port. Then, simply join the end of the network cable into the extender’s LAN port, and another end is also joined into your IP camera’s LAN port. As soon as you connect the cable, after that, you have to connect the ip camera and extender power and check the connection. 

Reset Ring floodlight cam & Netgear extender & reconnect 

To resolve the not connecting issue, you need to reset the ring floodlight camera & range extender. In addition, reset is the ultimate option to resolve numerous problems like mywifiext.local not working, not showing up, & more.

To reset the IP camera & range extender, power up by plugging it into a wall socket. Then, push up the reset button for a few moments with a small object. Afterward, the camera 7 extender will be reset. 

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