Setek WiFi Range Extender Password Not Working! Causes & Solutions

The Setek WiFi range extender is one of the incredible & better network devices in which you can eradicate the Wi-Fi dead zone. It is used to extend WiFi network coverage and increase WiFi speed. Where there is a long-distance i.e. range extender is used to access internet connectivity in langar distance. It boosts the wireless coverage to a 2,500 sq. ft. area. In addition, approximately 15 networking devices easily access the experience high-speed Wi-Fi network connectivity. You can reliably stream the UHD videos, lag-free gaming, video conferencing, & many more. The 2.4GHz high-speed processor is a built-in setek WiFi extender that provides high-performance in each area of your home. The 5 different modes have also compiles in this extender such as a wireless router, access point, repeater, client, & Wisp client router mode. 

Furthermore, the setek Wi-Fi extender signal booster comes with internal powerful antennas, which helps to enhance the coverage. To improve the wireless coverage of your Wi-Fi router, you need a Wi-Fi password. Through the Wi-Fi password, you will be able to merge your router to the extender. By doing the setek wifi extender setup you can use the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button. Just press this button & perform the setup. 

Causes: Setek WiFi Range Extender Password Not Working

If you use a setek range extender for the Wi-Fi router, then you need to do the setup. With the extender, you will be able to increase the WiFi range of your router only with the help of the range extender’s setup. If you do not set up the extender then the WiFi range of the router will not be increased. If you choose the web-based method for setup, then you will need a special password. Along with this, the password is also required to set up with the app. But sometimes the password of the range extender does not work, due to which the setup is not possible. So in the same way, we know what are the reasons why the password of the extender is not working.

  • Maybe the password of the prevailing router & setek extender is the same
  • Existing Wi-Fi router not connecting to the internet 
  • Unstable or unsecured internet connection on your device 
  • Maybe you type or enroll wrong spelling of the password
  • Choose the wrong network name of the setek extender
  • Hacking & malware issue 

Solutions: Setek WiFi Range Extender Password not working 

From the steps below, you will know some tips to solve password errors. After understanding the reason, it is easy for you to deem the problem. Let’s get started. 

Try to change the password of the prevalent router 

If the password of the setek WiFi range extender is not working, then you need to know the password of the router. Because sometimes the password of your wifi router and extender is the same. If both have the same password then it will not work. So for that, I would advise you to change the password of your prevalent router. To change the password of the router, you have to go to this setting. After going to the settings, you have to find and click on the option of password. Then you have to enter the new password and click on save.

Using wired connectivity for the connection 

A better solution is that you can use a wired connection. Because it does not require any password. But this connectivity is only available if your router and extender support the LAN port. Setek Wi-Fi signal booster extender supports LAN port so you are able to make the connection. All you have to do is use the network cable and carefully attach it to the LAN port. After that, your router will connect to the extender & the Wi-Fi speed also amplifies it. As well, in the wired connectivity, you don’t need myrepeater or default login IP address. 

Verify spelling mistake

Many times you write the spelling of the wrong password, due to which the password does not work. If the password does not working, then check for the spelling mistake will not there. Because each password is strong and difficult. So while writing the password, you have to keep in mind that the correct spelling will use.

Reset the Wi-Fi password of the Setek WiFi range extender

You can reset the password easily by resetting the range extender. Resetting automatically deletes everything. Using a small object, press the reset button for a few seconds. Then your range extender will be reset.

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