Simple Ways to Fix Your ‘HP Printer Not Printing’ Issues

Your HP printer won’t print? No worries! It has been a common condition amongst several people who work on HP printers, complaining about their ‘HP printer not printing’ issues. We are well aware of the fact that any issue with a device that you own costs you a fortune along with much of your valuable time. Thus, instead of abandoning such devices or taking them to technicians and experts, you can firstly try a few general and trustworthy methods to solve such issues at your own place, saving you both, time and money. 

There could be a lot of reason for the HP printer not printing, so will be the solutions to it. Here, we will discuss some basic and common issues which arise because of which your HP printer won’t print. A handful of such solutions are given below to help you get your HP printer to start printing well again.

Common reasons because of which the HP printer won’t print:

Method 1: Basic troubleshooting

Initially, begin with the most basic process of making sure of the connection between the HP printer and the computer being used. Make sure that it is a secure and well attached connection with zero or no faults in between. Also, be certain that the wire used for the connection does not have any faults or is not broken in between. The wire or cable used for the connection must be normal in all types.

Method 2: Cancel all the previous or present print commands

One of the other reasons could be several failed print commands given due to which ‘HP printer not printing’ issue could easily arrive. Thus  cancel all the previous command of printing to bring back the hp printer to normal. Further, make sure that the sheets are present in the printer tray to be printed.

  1. The method to cancel these commands is:
  2. Select devices and printers option in the control panel list on your computer.
  3. Right click on the HP printer that you are using from the list of printers and click on ‘see what’s printing’.
  4. Now, select the printer menu and go to the ‘open as administrator’ option.
  5. Then, again open the printer menu and select ‘cancel all documents’ option.
  6. A dialog box appears on your computer screen. Click on ‘yes’ to confirm the dismissing of all previous print commands.

The commands have been dismissed. Now, try again and check if the printer runs normally.

Method 3: Make sure  of the printer status

You need to guarantee your HP printer has sufficient paper, ink, and that the printing paper is not stuck somewhere. Additionally check the condition of your printer cartridge and have a consideration of replacing it with another one on the off chance that it isn’t appropriate for the smooth working.

Problem: HP printer won’t print in black ink

There may also be a chance besides all the above mentioned problems that your printer is still encountering an issue. And, that issue might be of not printing black ink. One of the reasons for the same might be tha your printer may have less or no black ink. Thus, to get rid of this issue and to get clear printouts, you need to substitute the empty ink slot with a new and filled one.


1. You can start by putting back the blank ink in its spot once again, which will most probably ensure its exact connectivity with the printhead. Make sure that this process is done carefully or else you might need the help of an expert HP executive or assistant.

2. Install the CD software, the CD which you received with your printer. The CD will be used to install the software from it. It will thus help you align the cartridge in its place properly.


We hope that the issue you were facing before reading this article, will be solved now in a matter of time. But, on the off chance that your HP printer won’t print even now, look for expert assistance and contact them through the official

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