Smart Strategies To Resolve The Rockspace Extender Device Problems

The rockspace extender is a wireless dual-band technology wifi range extender that boosts the wireless signal. It delivers a first-class wifi network throughout the home. This extender has dual-band technology that automatically chooses a high-quality band and then delivers an amazing signal. The rockspace wifi range extender is equipped with dual antennas, this antenna is situated on the top side that easily extends the wireless network coverage. This device is usually used to enlarge the router’s wifi speed. It is quickly connected to all networking devices without any interruption. The Rockspace extender device has a 1200 Mbps speed with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If you want to get full coverage in a long-lasting home then you use dual-band antennas. This extender is really beneficial for long-lasting areas.

The WPS setup of this extender is quick and simple. It takes 8 seconds to set up the extender. But your router also has a WPS button, if your router does not support then you cannot do the setup. The login page of this extender is quickly getting with re.rockspace.local login. The LED indicator is situated on the front side that delivers a superior location.

Strategies to resolve the rockspace extender device problems

If you use a wifi range extender then it delivers a stable wifi network range. If your extender does not connect to the router, does not deliver stable range, blinks red light then you can quickly fix it. There are some strategies to resolve the extender device problems.

Optimize the password and username of the rockspace extender

The rockspace wifi extender delivers up to 1,200 Mbps network speed. If it creates problems then you should verify the problem. Maybe many networking devices connect to the rockspace wifi range extender without your permission. To resolve the extender problem you should optimize the password and username of this extender. Because the default username knows every person that quickly connects. You set the strong password, the strong must be at least 8-10 characters. If you change the repeater wi-fi password and username then you visit the wireless setting of the extender. Then quickly optimize the password and username within minutes.

Place the rockspace extender device nearby the wifi router

To get a steady wireless network you should place the extender nearby the wifi router. If your wifi range extender is away from the router then your rockspace extender does not deliver a steady wifi network connection. The optimum location of this extender is closer to the current router. If you place the extender device to the current router then you lag-free enjoy wireless network throughout the home, apartments, and office.

Firmware upgrade to fix blink red light problems

If the rockspace extender device continuously blinks red light that means the connection between the Rockspace wifi range extender and router is not properly. Also, verify the firmware version of this extender. If you use the old version then your extender device continuously flashes a red light. To fix the issue you should upgrade the rockspace extender firmware. With the web browser, you quickly upgrade the firmware within some minutes. But you should know the IP address and web address of this extender. To firmware upgrade of the Rockspace extender, before that also upgrade the current router firmware.

Again setup the Rockspace extender with the ethernet cable

The Rockspace extender comes with the following accessories and technologies. If the problem creates a rock space wifi extender keeps disconnecting the fault is losing the connection. To resolve this problem you can again make the connection. You should clean the cache of the rockspace extender device signal. After that, again set up the wifi range extender. Because the WPS setup is repeatedly broken that you face some problems. To fix this problem you should utilize an Ethernet cable connection. Because many rare chances to break the connection. This cable has occurred with the extender.

Hard reset the Rockspace extender device

If the rockspace wireless range extender does not deliver range, not connect to router, blinks red light, and other problems. To fix all problems you should hard reset the extender. If you reset the extender then all settings will automatically be erased. Then you can again set up the range extender. Every extender has a built-in reset button, with which you securely reset the extender. To reset the extender is simple and secure with the Rockspace extender reset button.

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