T-shirts are no longer a staple casual wear. They are now considered types of clothing that reflect our likings, personalities, and interests. So, many companies and institutions are ordering customized t-shirts for their employees. Regarding the business advertisement, the t-shirts promote your business the right way. They are one of the best ways to establish your company image among the competitors. Customized tshirts by a printed t-shirt supplier & wholesaler can directly convert your brand message and let the audience know about the latest product launches. Other than that, it also offers a fresher, unique, and youthful look for your business.

This post will guide you stepwise to launch custom T-shirts for company business.

What Are The Promotional T-shirts?

A promotional t-shirt is a piece of clothing with the company’s name, logo, or message in one corner. A promotional t-shirt is mainly used to endorse a service, product, or company plan.

How will promotional shirts grow your brand value?

  • The t-shirts are trendy yet are comfortable and are for long-term regular use.
  • You can get styles for various ages, events, and for both men and women
  • It is a low-cost investment if you order in a bulk
  • Huge surface area for adding innovative ideas
  • They are very noticeable and are versatile
  • The corporate business t-shirts are easy to move, store and distribute among employees.

How to launch company t-shirts in easy steps?

Now, let us discuss the steps you need to follow to launch company t-shirts and easy steps.

>>Choose the topic/design for company T-shirts

The first step is to select the reason or topic you want to design a t-shirt. It can be new company values, new products, services launched by the company, or just promotional material.

>>Define your company budget, quantity, and the timeline

Before starting, you need to figure out how many t-shirts you need and the budget. It would help if you also had an idea about the deadline or when you need them.

Firstly, you need to count the number of employees in your business and select the best printing method. You also need to consider the budget and type of t-shirts you are looking for, like a v-neck or round neck. The last thing that you need to consider is the deadline. You can contact a t-shirt printing company in Jaipur for a better idea of the budget.

>>Know the printing options

Select from the wide range of printing methods for better quality t-shirts. The standard printing methods are screen-printing, vinyl graphics, and direct-to-garment printing. For more details, you can contact the t-shirt manufacturing company.

>>Creative designs and texts

The next step will involve creativity and brainstorming ideas. Here you have to consider the company T-shirts for corporate branding types, the canvas, the various t-shirt sizes, and the style and imagery. You have to research the market and the audience and then create designs that attract your target audience.

>>Find a perfect and well-reputed customized T-shirt making company

You have to find a well-known t-shirt designing company that makes wholesale, customized t-shirts. On the internet, you will find thousands of entrepreneurs selling customized t-shirts. You have to get in touch with the top 5 and get quotations. Out of the top five, select the company that offers the best quotation and good quality products.

>>Evaluate your design

Whatever route you follow, you have to evaluate the final draft before taking it to the printing company.

>>Send the file directly to the printing company

You probably need to send the promotional t-shirts maker your t-shirt design in a vector format and the color or CMYK codes. You can ask your company designer for more details.


So, if you are ready with the company t-shirt designs, you can contact Swiss Fort India. They are well known for corporate bag manufacturer, promotional mug printing, customized t-shirt printing in Jaipur and offer high-quality t-shirts.

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