Tamil Movies Of 2021

Tamil cinema has in recent years achieved worldwide popularity with its unique brand of humor and romance, which is communicated perfectly by its tamilrockers. The tamilrockers have been at the forefront of many a movie that has won various Filmfare Awards, including the best-animated film ever made – Ayy Madhumati. Apart from this, Tamil movies also feature popular stars like Ajith Kumar and Madhubala.

Tamil cinema as we know it today began to take shape with the first production of Amritaabadi. Though the first wave of Tamil movies did not exactly reach the same heights of popularity as that of Madhumati or Ayy Madhumati, it did help to lay the foundation for what is known today as Tamil cinema. Tamil cinema has gone on to make several classic Tamil movies, some of which have been made into English by the ever-popular Karan Johar. One such gem is Mankatha.

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Mankatha is one of the most talked-about and highest-grossing Tamil movies of all time. It is considered a high watermark in the annals of Tamil cinema. It is a classy romantic comedy that takes place in the city of Chennai in India. The movie is directed by Yash Chopra, who is widely regarded as one of the best Indian directors working today. One of the best things about this movie is the great portrayal of true emotions in a movie, which is something very difficult to do in Tamil movies

In this movie, a middle-aged man named Mankatha falls head over heels in love with an old woman called Nandita. However, her tragedy forces her to back out of the relationship. Mankatha realizes that Nandita has not loved anyone in her life and is desperate for love, but he has no choice but to let her go. However, Nandita does not simply run away from him, she reveals her past life to Mankatha and this plays a major role in this movie. Some of the other key ingredients that come into play in this movie are superb acting, great music, and beautiful visuals.

This movie is not just about love and romance, but it is about friendship as well. Another very good movie that features Tamil actors is Kannagi. This movie is just about an average girl who marries an affluent man and becomes a housewife. However, her path is suddenly blocked due to her daughter’s murder and she subsequently vows never to let the man kill her child again. The movie is based on a true story and is therefore very realistic.

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Another popular Tamil movie is Veli-Panchamrut. Veli is a young girl who has fallen out with her boyfriend and has left her village to stay with her Aunt and uncle in a nearby town to finish her education. When a boy tries to woo her away from her family, Veli realizes that she must go through the typical courtship rituals to be eligible for marriage. While these rituals may seem old-fashioned to a young girl, they are the basis of marriage in Tamil culture.

The movie “Nanban” is yet another good Tamil movie that features a lead character called Nanban, who is an orphan. He stays at an orphanage run by his uncle during the time of war. Nanban’s experience in war turns him into a very skilled sniper and he ends up saving many people in the process. The movie was directed by S.S. Rajamouli and is written by S.S. Rajamouli.

Finally, there is the movie called “Iruvar”, which is an excellent example of how Tamil films should be made. It is a story about a merchant (voiced by Aishwarya Rai), who arrives in a new country after the British colonized it. The movie explores the prejudice against Indians in the new country, which results in many scenes that are disturbing to watch. One of the best Tamil movies of all time, “Iruvar” is recommended for everyone to see.

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