Tanzanite Beads: 7 Tips to Know Before Buying

Tanzanite is not something that needs any introduction to folks who are involved in the semi precious gemstone beads industry. If just by uttering the word Tanzanite, you are imagining a velvety blue with tantalizing flashes of violet, you are spot on!

Sourced from the dusty foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, these gemstones are nature’s beauty at its finest. And their sense of rarity and exoticness only adds to the charms of the masterpieces.

7 Tips for Tanzanite Beads Before Buying:

Now, if you are planning to buy beads online, hold on for a second. As the saying goes, hurriedness spoils the broth. So, before you hit that “buy” button, here are some tips that you should know beforehand.

Tip #1 – Lookout for the flash factor

When it comes to scrutinizing the Tanzanite, folks constantly just inspect the blue color of the beads. While you should do that, that alone does not indicate the quality of the stone. What is needed is to check for the “flash” – that quick burst of intense violet color when light catches it from different angles. This is exactly what you need to look out for. This captivating “flash” is what makes Tanzanite beads so mesmerizing.

Tip #2 – Carats are Tricky

There is no doubt that size matters and that is especially true in gemstones. However, when it comes to Tanzanite beads, they are not the whole story. A tiny bead with a deep, saturated color can easily outshine a larger, paler stone any day. There is also the part about affordability, as smaller gemstones are usually a cheaper option. Find a sweet spot that suits you best!

Tip #3 – Imperfections Tell Tales

Don’t be under the impression that your stone has to be perfect in its look. In fact, you might even need to ditch the generic “flawless ideal” as Tanzanite often has tiny “veils” or wisps. Now, you might think of them as imperfections, but they are actually a mark of authenticity. These imperfections inform you that these are less heat-treated stones and are natural Tanzanite beads.

Tip #4 – Look beyond the Round Bead

Rounds are classic – there is no question about that. In fact, you can find several surveys stating that round gemstones are simply the best option out there, and few would dispute that. However, note that it is not the only excellent option out there for you. In fact, with Tanzanite’s shifting color, you should opt for more playful shapes. These less common cuts will become your own miniature work of art.

Tip #5 – Build relationship with Wholesalers

If you are planning to enter a business with Tanzanite beads, you would be better off building relationships with a tanzanite gemstone wholesaler. These relationships will open up a new world of unlisted treasures just waiting for you. In fact, you can easily find one-of-a-kind cuts and unearth hidden gems, and that too at reasonable prices.

Tip #6 – Certification is good, but look for more

One tip about buying gemstones you should definitely take to your heart is to always verify their quality with a certification. However, you should also look for more than just that. Ask your seller about the story behind the Tanzanite gemstone. A good seller should be able to explain the bead’s origin, any treatments, and why it is special.

Tip #7 – Feel the Tanzanite “Mood”

You need to think about more than just the price tags for a moment. Think of what feeling you want your Tanzanite beads to evoke. Bold or dramatic, or something a bit more subtle, shimmering hues for everyday elegance? What mood you want these gemstones to express will help you make the perfect choice!

Final Words

Tanzanite beads are a wonder, and you should definitely consider getting your hands on them. However, make sure you buy tanzanite beads online from a reputed seller. Jindal Gems is one such partner that you can trust for any gemstone purchase.

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