Teaching Children to Code is a Good or Bad Idea?

Companies today hire young employees, and they want these younger generations to learn how to code. Well, coding is something that is not necessary to learn and especially not the younger age ones. So parents should not rush to make their children learn how to code. Some surveys show us that the highest paying jobs require coding skills in the worker. As coding is important, a person should learn it for the future, but it does mean that it is a must for children to learn. Some schools and universities offer coding courses in the summer camps as it is useful for the students. Many students are also learning coding skills in their schools. So including coding courses with the main courses is good and beneficial as well.

What is Computer Coding?

It is an essential part of the computers we use, and it has the main working process that our computers work through. Coding is a set of instructions that people use to make the computer work the way it is working. People do it step by step to enable the functions in the computer. Through coding, computer apps, games, software, and websites work. The people who use coding are programmers or coders who write down the programmes behind the curtains of the computer that we see in front of the screen. The website is working with the help of the coding the programmer is inserting behind. There are nine programming jobs and coding, and the list of them are these:

  1. Web developer
  2. Database administrator
  3. Computer programmer
  4. Software application developer
  5. Computer systems engineer
  6. Network system administrator
  7. Computer system analyst
  8. Business intelligence analyst
  9. Software quality assurance (QA) engineer

Coding languages types

There are different types of languages in coding that we need to understand, and they all have different functions in the coding world. Here are all the types of languages for coding:

  • HTML

It is the short form of Hypertext Markup Language, and it works as the bone of the internet. They let the WebPages function and show the user all the content that they need in the browser they are searching.

  • CSS

It gives the font, text style, formatting styles and colours to a website. So as the coding takes place behind the browser, we can see a complete page on the internet.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript works for providing interactivity to the website that you are exploring on the internet.

  • Python vs ruby

These coding languages help the web applications to develop them. For example, you can fix a bot to chat with the clients; you have to code it using Python or ruby to enable it.

Making kids learn to code very early is not a good idea.

When we introduce something such serious at an early age, we may make a mistake. Children must enjoy childhood; they can play outside, do their homework and enjoy the moments of childhood that never comes back. It is better than giving them a lesson that will make them stop playing and enjoying the time. Coding can easily attract a young brain as it has a lot of interesting things in it. Before making your kids involved in other particular areas, you should let them know about the important basics for them as little steps towards reading and writing. These are fundamentals that every child in the world has to learn. Some parents think that their kids should learn to code early, even if it is an advanced skill to learn, because they want their kids to be aware of the harm they do through the technologies. But some experts do not agree with this concept at all. Children can come off the track that every child is in normally. Children have to learn order wisely, and they learn skills when they are ready for it. But if you make them learn coding at this stage, it can take them to a different road that is not proper. Children must know how to make a sentence and solve a math problem before they move on to coding. Learning the basic subjects is what will take a child to a better future of education. Children can do coding brilliantly, but it is something that we learn to make money and making money is not the priority of a child. It is the age of a person experiencing phases of growing up and learning new things.

Learning how to code is a great option.

Professor Jeff Gray in the University of Alabama for computer science department presented the statement for the benefits of making your kids learn to code that the writers later quote at cheap dissertation writing uk.

Kids will learn to prevent any errors; it means they will focus on the main concept instead of the other things that are not beneficial. They will not deal with frustration because of the syntax errors.

  • Their cognitive burden will decrease and also the recognition that is favouring over the recall. The new blocks in languages help decrease the number of knowledge that a programmer needs to assume for programming. The surrounding makes the kids learn about the appropriate and proper constructs that are essential in programming.
  • People complain about the repetition of the tasks that programmers have to do, which is not giving them any new skill. But they miss the fact that kids learning to code can learn about computational philosophy.
  • Students learn about the ethics of logic and problem solving, creative expressions, communication and collaboration.
  • We often want to have an app for anything that we want to use today as everything is available on the apps, but we cannot get it until a programmer makes it for public use. By making kids learn to code, it is easier to make such apps. They can easily make computational solutions.

It is not something bad that you decide to make your kid learn about computational skills. But there is always a right time for everything that you want to make your kids learn. So coding is beneficial, but it should not be basic for a kid.

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