The Best IT Help Desk Software in 2022

Help desks have existed for years. To more complex ones that deal with configuration complications, incompatibilities, and malware infections. With the best helpdesk software, IT workers can focus and prioritize their tasks by automating processes and enabling self-service.

IT help desk software that works

  • ManageEngine
  • SysAid
  • Zendesk
  • ServiceNow ITSM
  • Freshdesk
  • Sprinklr
  • Spiceworks

IT help desk software that works

In the helpdesk market, CIO Insight evaluates many vendors. We rank the following vendors by importance:

Software for IT help desks from ManageEngine

ManageEngine’s IT Services Management (ITSM) platform, ServiceDesk Plus, integrates best practices, native apps, and assists IT support teams in serving end-users. It comes in three versions and 37 different languages and is available in the cloud and on-premise versions. In 185 countries, ServiceDesk Plus improves the performance of more than 100,000 IT service desks.

Differences between them

  • A graphical workflow builder that can be used to build IT services and business process automation with end-to-end compatibility, regardless of the portal
  • Using help desk data, Zoho’s AI assistant Zia can provide support for all ManageEngine and Zoho applications.
  • AI and machine learning are key to Xia ServiceDesk Plus, from research to intelligence; users can add skills to their lives with Zoho Developer Tools within the platform.
  • Implement actions based on business rules and custom triggers, including updating fields, triggering notifications, and customizing functions based on incoming ticket criteria.
  • With our drag-and-drop script builder, transform complex business workflows into simple automation
  • Provides contextual integration with various IT management solutions and third-party applications
  • There are prebuilt examples for HR and utility management, as well as support for DevOps, event management, customer support, and bug tracking.
  • The management engine’s application performance monitoring suite integrates with Zoho’s digital workplace and HRMS suite

Help desk software from SysAid

Over 4,000 organizations have used real usage data from SysAid Service Automation over the last ten years to build AI. Easy-to-use features ensure that problems can be resolved quickly. ITSM packages contain or can be obtained individually.

Differentiating factors

  • Automates asset management, ticketing, self-service, and reporting
  • Automated prioritization based on SLA and direct to appropriate office
  • Resets printers, create users, and grants access to them automatically
  • Automated self-service for employees

Zendesk helps you manage your help desk

Having one integrated hub for all tools and systems allows organizations to centralize operations and provide seamless collaboration.

Differential factors

  • Provides online, mobile, and social messaging so customers can reach you by phone, text, chat, social media, or email at any time.
  • With an integrated help center, customers can resolve issues at their own pace, which reduces the amount of time it takes for agents to resolve issues.
  • Personalization at scale is now possible with AI bots
  • Increases visibility and reduces costs through real-time reporting.
  • With a knowledge base that is easy to navigate, teams can quickly find information.
  • Over 750 applications can be integrated, including SurveyMonkey, Dropbox, Slack, Jira Software, Okta, Box, and more.

Help desk management is made easier with ServiceNow ITSM

The Web Service Portal for ServiceNow ITSM provides users with ITILv4-certified capabilities for finding information, receiving assistance, and requesting services. Using the Now Mobile app, it can be used on mobile devices and includes the Virtual Agent (VA) network interface on the website, mobile, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Facebook Workplace.

Differences between the two

  • Using AI Research smart queries to search information on the Now Platform and display search results, filter options, and answers on the Service Portal, Now Mobile, and VA.
  • Organizations can monitor and improve the experience with SLAs and metrics through General Applications. This helps agencies resolve issues within the enterprise.
  • There are also overseas opportunities in IT, HR, Workplace, Legal, Finance, and Procurement
  • An experienced editor is used to create and edit catalogs using Catalog Builder, which has several limitations.
  • Through IntegrationHub, an extension of Flow Designer, catalog items and VA discussions can interact with external systems
  • A change management system has out-of-the-box models, workflows, change management indicators, and AI-based aids.
  • Machine-learning algorithms are used by Data classification systems to automatically classify and process work.
  • AWA provides candidates with tools based on their availability, ability, and skills; candidates view their assignments in their Agent Workspace mailbox
  • A Walk-up Experience enables organizations to create and manage an online site or information technology station that allows employees to schedule appointments, submit requests, or solve problems.

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