The Role of a Company Secretary in Every Business

The world has witnessed the emergence of businesses as the epitome of its development. Whether it is a private or a public organization, today they are climbing the skies of progress. The main motive behind these business entities is to supply goods and services. Profit-making is what separates private from public companies. Public ones make profits but private ones do not. Moreover, the structural and management processes are identical.  

As the population grows, demands for goods and services also grow. Hence, a business can be said as the root of this production and supply chain. Several professional standards are applied to search for new paths of growth. A diverse workforce, education, professional dedication all do contribute towards a leading business outcome.

What makes a business more or less fortunate?

 Apart from having the same pillars, the same motive of providing services, what makes a business more or less fortunate? Why they aren’t equal? The answer lies in the quality of hands operating the system or we can say perfectionism, and separation of duties creates the main difference.

The role of a company secretary

One of the main things is the role of a CS(company secretary). He acts as a chief administrative officer in the company. Under the companies act, he has given various responsibilities.

A CS is generally selected by the directors of the company. The requirements of their selection are not kept that stringent in private companies, as they are in public ones. Even in many smaller-sized private companies, a secretary is often the director itself.

Can anyone become a company secretary?

Can anyone become a CS? Well, no it also has some professional strictness and boundaries. The company’s auditor can not act as a CS for the same company. And it requires great practice and knowledge, skills to get this job. 

A company secretary may delegate work to third parties

A CS may delegate work to some third party like signing and checking out the paper works. Apart from this, he is responsible to share the confirmation status every year. Within 14 days he gets this work done. The information about a company’s assets and liabilities in the form of a financial statement is also handled by a CS. Appointing a company secretary is a foremost step while starting your business.

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