The Top Most Beautiful Places To Travel to In USA

It can be baffling to prepare and execute a full itinerary for a vast country like the USA. With so many destinations to see and explore, it is challenging to choose a few. Also, packing in all the places in a short duration isn’t easy. You need to filter out the best ones and explore them. It will allow you to see them entirely and not just the famous tourist spots. The beauty of every place is away from the crowded spots. You can find them in the local, small cafes or by traveling to the offbeat corners. Making friends and socializing is another big part of traveling. It will help you escape the comfort zone and enjoy yourself more.

The USA is a beautiful but vast country. You cannot expect to see everything within a week. If you are only in for a short time, ensure that you only choose a few spots. You can leave the others behind for your next trip. It is no use to hurry to one place from another. It will only tire you out, which is the last thing you need on vacation. It needs to relax you right from boarding those Non stop flights from USA to India. If you have booked one of these, you might be confused. With so many places and spots, you can only choose a few. You may think you can fit in as many you can, but that wouldn’t be ideal. You need to have time to relax and actually enjoy the break. It should not feel like a task to get to the different places in record time. Follow our guide for choosing those few spots in the USA for your next trip:

San Franciso

If you are planning a trip for your honeymoon or just a getaway with your significant other, choose San Francisco. It is famous for being a top destination for romantic holidays. You can take up a cruise on the bay or just explore the beautiful views. Either way, it won’t disappoint you in terms of beauty. There are also many options for famous tourist spots like the Golden Gate bridge or an Alcatraz tour. You can opt-out to visit them first and try out the offbeats path later.

Dine outdoors in the cafes and taste the local delicacies. Keep it in your itinerary if all these attractions are something you want to experience.

New York

Nobody can complete a trip without a visit to New York. It is a beloved place for the first-timers and everyone else who wants to live their Hollywood dreams. You can do several exciting things here. It is an excellent option for a solo trip or one with a friends group. You can travel and see your favorite movie and show sets or enjoy a classic broadway show.

The Statue of liberty should also be on your list. Also, other famous tourist spots like the Empire state building, Times Square, or the Rockefeller plaza should be on your list. After seeing all these things:

  1. Dwell in the New York way of life.
  2. Go to the cafes and restaurants and try out the food.
  3. Talk and make friends with the locals.

The Grand Canyon

We cannot miss grand Canyon in the list of beautiful places. It is a renowned and coveted destination attracting people for many years. The feel of looking and staring below into the vast depth can be a dwelling point for many. You will wonder at the beauty and also realize why this place is famous.

It is easier to visit it from Las Vegas. Plan a trip there or if you wish to see this only, come straight.


If you are in for a scenic and relaxing vacation, come to Waikiki. You can just sit by the beach and enjoy the views. It is an excellent option for a family trip. Also, you need not compromise on luxury. There are several reputed hotels and resorts where you can conveniently stay. Take up water sports activities or just have fun with the kids. Either way, it is a top spot for a scenic and beautiful getaway.


When you want to combine fun, parting, and scenic views, come to Miami. It is another top beach destination where you can enjoy your vacation. It will help you get away from the city rush and relax for a few days. You can also go to the National park with the kids for a fun time. It will help explore the wildlife and also the beauty of the place.

Los Angeles

You need to add LA into the itinerary to experience its culture, beauty, and life. The hub of Hollywood can offer you insight into a different world. Also, you can visit Disneyland and enjoy the day with your family. You can go to the beach for excellent views or shop at famous stores. It has something in store for each kind of traveler.

Visit all these places before you board Direct flights from Delhi to USA and come back. Plan the trip now and make the most out of it!

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