Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Home Paint Color

We understand that for most of the people, a home is far beyond a place to dwell. It’s a place where you share memories, joy, sorrows, tranquility, and of course comfort. So when it comes to paint your home, you want it to be distinguished in a sense that best reflects your personality and attitude. You want the best color scheme from your paint retailer and in this quest, you explore a wide variety of colors and textures. There are several factors which affect the overall beauty of your home and should be taken into consideration before you select colors for your walls. It’s all about creating a match among your floors, walls, ceilings, and surroundings. This post will guide you through some crucial factors which will help you to choose the best home paint color. So before you buy paint brushes in UAE, just have a look on these points.

Look at your flooring first

People often ignore this crucial aspect while painting their walls. Your floor, no matter wooden or white-tiled is a deciding factor in bringing the best contrast with the type of color you will select for your walls. As it is the base for your home, it should be a base for selecting an apt paint color as well. The type of flooring is an important aspect in choosing the right colors for your walls. It enhances the overall context and compliments the hue and texture of your walls. So make sure that you start from the ground level and lay a robust foundation for getting the best colors to match everything perfectly.

Interiors and Decors

What seems to be an easier task for you? Getting a paint color matching your interiors or getting interiors according to your paint color? The latter one is of course a better option. There are so many things in your rooms and hall that you need to consider before you buy paint tools in UAE. Think of the major decors and furniture that you have in that room and then decide for a color which suits them best. Also, the color selected for that room must also compliment the other rooms which you are going to paint. Try to make good combination of colors considering this aspect and you will get loads of appreciation from the visitors.

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The Lighting & Surrounding

As we all know that color is nothing but reflection of light. Hence, lighting of your house must also be considered before selecting a paint color. Not only the artificial lighting but the amount of daylight to which your home is exposed also plays a crucial role in deciding the type of reflection your paint color will give. Have look all around and try to figure out things which can affect the color of your home. For instance if you have a pool just beside a room, chances are that it will affect the reflectance of your wall color. To make painting task neat and tidy, look for some good polythene sheet suppliers in UAE. So if you want to get the best match for all your rooms, consider all these factors before buying a paint color.

Sampling Method

You can easily get a color swatch from any paint retailer and select best color combination within it. It is often told to us that the color in a swatch will reflect same as in the swatch but the fact is, it depends on multiple factors. The best way is to try some colors in small proportions on your walls and look whether they reflect the same or not. Spray paints can help you in this. There is another better way to test this. Most of the paint retailers have a mobile app through which you can send pictures of your rooms that you want to get painted and the company will match the best color for you via that app. You can easily get some good ideas through this technique and the color is selected by experts which will satisfy your need and demand.

Use Colors Architecturally

This is another innovative way to use paint colors to best reflect the design and architecture of your home. If you have really put a lot of effort and money in building your home with a great design, this technique can be quite resourceful to you in marking a difference through paint colors. Moldings, mantels, built-in book cases, arched doorways, and windows & doors. All these things will offer a great platform to exhibit your creativity with some best bright colors. Get the best paint tools in UAE to ensure desired results from your home painting job. Painting molding and doorways should be one step lighter or darker than the color of your walls and it will bring the magic that you actually wanted to create through paint colors.

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