Tips for Effective Pest Control Methods for Your Home

There are few things that are as frightening and gruesome as discovering that you have pests inside your house. There are many kinds of pests that aren’t just awry and disgusting but can also cause serious damage to your furniture, your clothing, and even your health.

As a result, we do not need to keep quiet if our home is infested with rodents or pests since there are several options available.

Measures for natural pest control

they’re usually classified into six categories that include Hygienic Chemical and Biological, Physical Fmigration Fogging, and Treatment using heating. Each method can be employed to eradicate pest infestations using various degrees of effectiveness depending on the magnitude of the issue and the nature of the pest.

Hygienic pest control methods

Cleaning your home regularly is crucial to decrease the risk of being infected. Pests seek out places where they can find ample food sources and a secure environment so they can reproduce.

Pest control methods that use biological methods

Methods for biological control can be described as natural since they do not require the use of pesticides or other chemicals. The methods of biological Pest Control in Nepal, benefit from the hierarchy of nature. It’s as simple as bringing the natural predators of a certain type of pest to your environment.

Natural predators

This method of dealing with insects isn’t a new one. The continued use of this method employed in the present is evidence of how efficient this method is.

This method is usually employed by gardeners who want to get rid of the problem of pests without chemicals. The most widely-known method is to employ ladybugs to eliminate or control Aphid infestations. However, the introduction of huge quantities of foreign species into an area can lead to the opposite.


Another popular method of natural Pest Control Services utilized by gardeners is using beneficial microorganisms in plants. Contrary to predators that are natural microorganisms used for pest control can be proactive when the beneficial microorganism has been associated in a symbiotic relationship with plants and is protecting plants from pests by blocking them and killing harmful bacteria and fungi.

Physical methods to manage pests

The physical methods used to control pests involve trapping, killing, and getting rid of rodents and insect pests. Most of the strategies described below can be utilized at either the home as well in gardens, but are best suited to small or backyard farms.

Poison bait

Utilizing poisonous baits for pest control Pokhara is a renowned and highly effective method of getting rid of pests. Many poisons are effective against pests. The poisons for Pest Control Service providers are usually offered in gel or jelly. Whichever type you choose the poisoned bait will be placed in areas that show evidence of activity by pests.

Burning of fields

The burning of fields is a popular method of controlling pests which is employed by farmers across the world. It’s used to eliminate the soil’s top layer, to eradicate the number of pests. This method of tackling pests has been mostly eliminated in recent years because the method kills beneficial bugs by killing pesticides, and can negatively affect the soil. Another reason is modern pesticides are far more efficient.

Trap cropping

It involves the cultivation of a decoy type of crop that attract pests. The main purpose behind this method is to keep pests away from the decoy crops to make their removal simple. However, farmers who are larger in scale have found this method to be unproductive because pests will return to the crops.


The use of traps made of physical materials to get rid of pests is one of the most well-known methods for tackling pests. Traps are different in terms of quality. They are used to fight birds, rodents small animals, as well as insects. Similar to earlier methods, traps should be targeted toward areas that exhibit indications of activity from pests.

The following guidelines will help you keep your home free of rodents and crawlies.

  • Get rid of all food-related areas after eating.
  • Place all leftover food waste, scraps of food peels, etc. in the bin. Paper bags or sandwich bags are the best forms for storing them.
  • Remove all food items; make use of cutting boards, cutting tools glasses, utensils pans, and cups when you’ve cooked or eaten.
  • Maintain tables, worktops flooring, cabinets, and cupboards clear of food waste.
  • Set up and adhere to the routine of cleaning. Make sure you include hard-to-access areas, such as behind large kitchen appliances.
  • Make sure that the bathrooms in your home are spotless.
  • Create screens using flyscreens for Windows.
  • Examine the internal and exterior walls for holes, cracks, and holes. Seal any cracks you find.

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