Top 10 High End Bluetooth Speakers for 2021

BlueTooth speakers have a huge reason to be popular. Whatever be your gadget – cell phone, TVs, computers you name it and it can be connected to a Bluetooth speaker and the sound quality, immediately takes an upswing. No slow sounds, no low quality and broken down songs, you get to hear the best quality from the connected Bluetooth speaker, no matter what source it is connected from.

Talking about quality, even the average and cheap blue tooth speakers can actually produce far better audio quality than what you get from your cell phones. But here, we aren’t talking about passable audio. We are going to talk about some of the best in class audio options that the Bluetooth segment has to offer and am sure you are going to like it. All of these Bluetooth speakers are available online and can easily be purchased by using a UK forwarding website.

Let us dive straight into the high end Bluetooth speakers:

1. Bose SoundLink Micro – Bose is a sound brand that has no equal! The only thing that can keep you away from buying one of Bose’s variants is the price point which is pretty much higher than any other brand in its segment. The sound link micro is built for the outdoors; it even comes with a strap that you can tie to your cycle or your bag. It is waterproof and has a tough outer that helps it from getting scratches etc.

2. Symfonisk table lamp speaker – This one is surely about the looks. We all have our bluetooth speakers that are amazing in sound quality but they don’t look good. At the very least, they occupy space. Here, along with being a great speaker with excellent sound quality, it is also a bedside lamp which makes it look good. You would want to keep it around even when you aren’t listening to music on it.

3. Sony SRS-XB41 – If you are looking out for some extra sounds in a party then this one can be helpful. It is basically built for loud sound during parties but it does have other features like it is waterproof and has a good battery life that lasts a day. There are many other features that make this sound system useful for example the connecting of multiple speakers by using the party chain.

4. JBL Flip 5 – JBL is a known brand for bluetooth sound systems. This model is a bit on the higher side when it comes to regular JBL sound output. Along with that, it has a good battery life that lasts almost half a day – all this with keeping the device size small and portable. The Flip 5 is built for the outdoors as it is even waterproof.

5. Fluance Ai41 – This is another of those bookshelf speakers, large in size but has a heavy audio output with 90 Watts of amplification. This is enough to make a whole room shake. There are several brands in this list that has advance technology and this one is no difference. It is said that, while connecting to a bluetooth is easy but there are drops in the connections which makes for a major bug which is rectified here as the connection, once connected – stays connected.

6. Hyperboom UltimateEars – This is one of those portable, made for indoor – home blue tooth speaker system that is both small and portable and has an insane sound output. It does include a rechargeable battery that lasts a full days time. The usual party features of connecting most of those together to make even sounder is available. Just to note that it isn’t water proof, just spill proof.

7. Harman Kardon Allure – Most brands excel at something specific which is why it is always difficult to compare one brand with another. Here for example, the Harman Kardon is usually known for better Bass compared to others.

8. LG XBoom GO PK3 – It is a portable bluetooth enabled speaker with rechargeable batteries. Among several other features, it has a built-in hardware level technology for providing better vocal audio. It is waterproof – even if it is dropped under water, it will still work. With decent sound quality and battery backup, the power of LG behind this gadget – it all looks good to give it a try.

9. Vifa – Most of the bluetooth speakers are difficult to compare based on sound quality alone – as they are mostly good. So, we turn to design instead. Whatever speaker you choose, you still need to keep it in a place where it will be clearly visible. If the design isn’t as good, it will affect the overall look of the place. The handbag design of Vifa stands out in this respect. Other than that, it is a portable bluetooth speaker with decent battery life and sound quality.

10. Teenage Engineering OB-4 Magic Radio – It is a bluetooth speaker which is designed in the shape of a radio – that is if you are old enough to remember how a radio used to look? Among other features, it has a unique feature where it loops any audio that you want to play again. It says magic radio – because it can save up to two hours of audio, which you can play again if you so wish.

Having a speaker around that runs on a battery, is easy to carry around and has a decent output makes life really easy if you like to hear loud music on the go. These are some of the best Bluetooth speakers around, the list is obviously endless but it all comes down to your choices and taste.

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