Top 5 European Schools Offering Online MBA

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With the advent of COVID-19, every aspect of human life has witnessed a drastic change. Almost everything, including the education sector, has adapted itself to the new world. Adapting to the change, even b-schools have also started offering online MBA in Europe.

Online MBA degrees offer busy professionals a chance to complete their education. Additionally, the concept has also offered a reliable yet affordable choice to students. Thus, allowing them to study even when they cannot travel abroad.

List of Top 5 European schools offering Online MBA

Global b-schools have started adopting concepts such as digital learning to combat the current pandemic. Today, several European schools offer distance learning MBA programs. These programs are very popular among online MBA in Europe offered by US-based b-schools.

As per the QS Online MBA Rankings 2021, several schools come under top schools that can provide online programs. Following are the top 5 Online MBA programs offered by European B-schools.

  1. IE Business School, Madrid Spain
  2. Imperial College Business School, London, UK
  3. Warwick Business School, Coventry, UK
  4. Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK
  5. Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business, Milan, Itlay

Detailed information on these schools has been provided down below.

5. Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business

QS Online MBA Rankings 2021 (European school) – 5th

FT’s Online-MBA Ranking, 2021 – 8th

The Politecnico di Milano business school or MIP offers an online MBA in Europe called International Flex MBA. The program spans two years. The school collaborated with Microsoft to create the online mba in europe, thus, adding credibility and uniqueness to the program.

The program offers many benefits such as flexibility, a digital learning platform, pre-recorded videos, live sessions etc. Thus, allowing students to engage students in learning. The course mandates candidates to have a minimum work experience of six years.

The program costs about €37,000. However, the program’s learning language is not English but Italian. Therefore, you can engage in this program if you are interested in improving your Italian language skills.

4. Alliance Manchester Business School

QS Online MBA Rankings 2021 (European school) – 4th

Manchester’s online MBA program offers an engaging learning platform with the help of live classes and one-to-one opportunities. The school delivers top-class business education with the program’s multiple electives, core modules, applied for learning courses, etc.

On average, candidates with work experience of 12 years or more get easy admission into the program. The two years online mba in europe tuition fee of £30,000.

Its diverse cohort with candidates from about 70 different countries enhances candidates’ experience. Thus, teaching them valuable skills.

3. Warwick Business School

QS Online MBA Rankings 2021 (European school) – 3rd

FT’s Online-MBA Ranking, 2021 – 1st

Based on its exemplary reputation worldwide, the school ranks among the top schools. Apart from providing education, it offers career opportunities such as internships, career fairs, job placement, and to its cohort.

Warwick’s program, known as the Warwick Distance Learning MBA program, ranks in the 1st position worldwide.

Warwick’s online mba in europe program accepts a diverse cohort, allowing students with an average work experience of 14 years. Moreover, the program’s fees are £34,150 with eight mandatory modules, four electives, and a consultancy project. Candidates must attend two Warwick weeks during which they have to be present at the college’s campus.

Moreover, the program focuses on developing students’ potential by encouraging them to come forward with their ideas.

2. Imperial College Business School

QS Online MBA Rankings 2021 (European schools) – 2nd

FT’s Online-MBA Ranking, 2021 – 3rd

The school helps students develop a competitive, result-based mindset. Most teaching during the program happens through a virtual learning platform called ‘the Hub’. Imperial’s award-winning Edtech lab has developed the platform. 

The course contains multiple pre-study modules, and four core modules, along with an optional global experience week. Moreover, the program’s employability rate is ranked second amongst the top online MBA programs worldwide.

The five-day mandatory induction week further allows one to experience the university’s environment. The course concludes itself with the final capstone business game.

The program’s fee is £41,350.

1. IE Business School

QS Online MBA Rankings 2021 (European school) – 1st

FT’s Online-MBA Ranking, 2021 – 2nd

The leading university is known for providing innovative and highly valued programs for teaching technology. The Global Online MBA program is an 18-month-old program that accepts students from diverse backgrounds.

The IE business school has started offering an online MBA program in Europe since the year 2000. Currently, it is offering multiple distance learning courses in multiple formats.

With three different core modules, three face-to-face weeks, global immersion week, the program focuses on the complete development of candidates. The global immersion week is conducted in three different locations: Shanghai, Mumbai, and Los Angeles.

The program spans around 15 months. Moreover, it teaches students using games, tutorials, simulations etc. Faculties even use these tools and approaches to teach their full-time, on-campus students.

What to look out for while deciding on online MBA programs

Here is a list of factors that one must look out for while deciding to pursue an online program:

  1. Program’s accreditations – Programs with accreditations from major international management education bodies are a big yes.
  2. Employability rate – the better the employability rate, the better your chances of getting employed.
  3. Admit rate – Top schools generally have a low admit rate. Therefore, the best option is to gauge your abilities and then decide on a program.
  4. Peers’ quality – the better the school’s ranking, the better the quality of peers you will find.
  5. School’s location – Several online programs call their students to the college’s campus for a brief period. Therefore, you must always consider whether the school’s campus is within your traveling range or not. School’s location also influences how programs are taught. Therefore, if you intend to make a US career, you should choose US schools for pursuing the program.
  6. Diversity – a program with a diverse cohort also brings diverse experiences to the table. Thus, increasing everyone’s knowledge and concepts.
  7. Program’s tuition fee & ROI – Always compare the program’s fees and subsequent ROI before deciding to enroll yourself into the program.

All in all, never forget to check whether the program which fulfills your future dreams and goals.


An MBA program is termed an advanced degree that professionals earn. Becoming an MBA grad is a big achievement, both professionally and academically, for every aspirant. However, due to various reasons, aspirants are not able to pursue MBA programs.

To assist such students, alternative MBA programs have been introduced. One such alternative is online MBA programs. The list mentioned above provides you with the top 5 online MBA programs offered by European universities.

Although, the list is not exhaustive. However, it will surely provide you with an idea of what an exemplary program should look like. Thus, it will help you finalize the online MBA in Europe.

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