Top 8 Types Of Settings For Diamond Rings

From wedding bands and wedding rings to precious stone endlessness rings that make extraordinary gifts, picking the ideal jewel ring can feel somewhat overwhelming. There is an entire scope of excellent jewel rings to look over in a scope of metal kinds and styles. To make the hunt a little more straightforward, in this article, we examine our best 8 sorts of settings for jewel rings.


A prong setting is one of the most well known setting styles for precious stone rings – specifically wedding bands. This setting style comprises a few metal prongs that paw or grasp the precious stone firmly and secure it set up.

The most widely recognized prong settings include four or six prongs and, prongs can be round, pointed, level or angular. A gold ring with fewer prongs permits all the more light to hit the precious stone and hence makes the most shimmer. In any case, settings with a bigger number of prongs will more often than not be safer.


Pavé settings are a well known decision for jewel wedding bands. The word pavé is taken from the French word “to clear”. This setting style seems as though it is cleared with jewels – as the name recommends. Each minuscule jewel is firmly set along with practically imperceptible metal dots or prongs. This setting style is known for its nonstop shimmer and rich completion.


A bezel setting is the point at which the jewel (or stone) is circled altogether with metal. This setting type is one of the most dependable, accordingly making it ideal for those with a functioning way of life because of its toughness. Additionally, because of the absence of prongs, this style is not difficult to clean and keep up with. The metal edge gives this setting an excellent, present day appearance that is inclined toward by quite a large number.


A corona setting comprises a middle jewel that is encircled by a “radiance” of unpredictable precious stones. This excellent setting style is awesome on the off chance that you are looking for a great wedding band, as the radiance gives the deception of a bigger jewel. Along these lines, a radiance setting can be an incredible cash saving tip for a wedding band.

Corona styles are additionally ideal for gemstones. Frequently shaded gemstones include a radiance of lovely jewels for contrast.


Not to be mistaken for pavé settings, channel settings are the place where precious stones are set up between vertical metal lines in the band, making the presence of one consistent line of jewels. Not at all like pavé-set jewels, precious stones in a channel setting don’t need prongs and sit flush to the band.

This setting is a well known decision for precious stone wedding rings and different styles that require no middle jewel.


Church settings are immortal and exquisite in style. This setting appears to be like the curves in a church building and is a famous decision for wedding bands. In this style, jewels can be set in various ways like prongs or bezel, yet it is the curves that at last edges the stone. As this setting style for the most part permits the precious stone to be set higher, it can cause it to seem bigger and more great.


A split knife setting is great assuming that you are searching for an exceptional wedding band style. It is the place where the knife parts into two, making an open area on the band, as it meets the jewel. On the off chance that you wish to cause a ton of to notice your picked focus stone, a split knife setting is an extraordinary decision.


A group setting is the place where a plan is made by setting a “bunch” of more modest precious stones together, giving the deception of one enormous jewel. A bunch setting will in general be more reasonable than different styles as groups of minuscule jewels will be less expensive than a solitary precious stone of similar weight.

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