Troubleshoot Points About Arlo Pro 3 Camera Not Working

The Arlo Pro 3 is a wire-free security camera that monitors the area with advanced audio and video quality. It surveillance outdoor and indoor and delivers the recorded 2K video with HDR. This camera is perfect for the home and small office. The Arlo Pro 3 Camera works with google assistant and Alexa. It works in any weather such as sunny, rainy, and cold. The video quality of this camera is high. It records colored photos and videos. The Arlo 3 camera is compatible with the smart mobile phone. It is easily connected to the mobile phone with the Arlo app. This security camera required a battery. The battery life of this camera is 3.5 hrs. The wireless connectivity technology of the pro 3 security CCTV camera.

The video capture resolution of the Arlo Pro wireless security camera is 2K. The Arlo Pro 3 camera setup is not complicated, you can quickly set it up With the Arlo app. This camera comes with multiple components and accessories such as a base station, Arlo pro camera, rechargeable battery, magnetic wall mount, mounting screw, ethernet cable, base station AC power adapter, camera power adapter cable, camera AC power adapter, etc.

Troubleshoot points of the Arlo Pro 3 camera is not working

The Arlo pro-security wire-free camera surveillance in the indoor and outdoor. But sometimes it is not responding and working, it shows some issue, you can quickly fix the issue with the troubleshooting points. The troubleshoot points are very helpful to avoid the problem.

Arlo Pro camera not turning ON

If your Arlo Pro security camera is not turning ON, then you should verify the battery. If your camera is not charged then it is not turning ON. to fix this problem you should charge the camera with its charging cable. Then, you should verify maybe the battery of the pro 3 camera is dead and bad. Then you can replace the battery. You can buy a new battery and install it into the Arlo Pro 3 camera. Afterward, confirm the connection to the camera cable of your camera is properly plugged into the power source. If the cable is not connected to the power source then you can plug it.  And the power supply button is turned ON position.

Arlo Pro 3 camera does not connect to the wifi

The wireless communication technology of the Arlo Pro security camera is wifi. It is easily connected to the wifi. If it is not connected to the wifi, then you face some problems. You can fix this problem this way, you should verify your wifi wire-free security camera within range. Then check if your wifi router is plugged into the power supply. And the power of the wifi is turned on. Apart from this, you also check the LED status of the wifi router, if it is blinking a red light that means your router is not connected to the internet then you can solve this problem. By following this way, the problem is solved.

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Arlo camera does not monitor the picture and video

If your camera does not monitor the picture and videos then you can check the problem. Maybe the battery of the security camera is low. Then you can charge the Arlo Pro 3 camera. Maybe the dust appears on the camera screen, to fix the problem you use a dry cloth and clean the monitor screen. Sometimes lose the connection then, your camera is not turned ON and not capture the videos and photos. Then from time to time, you should verify the connection.

Reset the Arlo Pro 3 camera

Occasionally, the Arlo Pro wire-free CCTV camera is not responding and not monitoring, to fix this problem you can reset the camera. Through the sync button, you can easily reset the CCTV camera, within minutes. But many times the Arlo camera sync button not working, to fix this problem you should verify the battery. If the battery LED blinks orange that means the battery is low, you need to charge the Arlo wireless security camera. After charging the camera, you can use the sync button. This button is situated on the top side of the camera. You can use your hand and then press the sync button for a few seconds. After that, leave the hand and your Arlo Pro wire-free CCTV camera is reset.

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