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As the name suggests, a defoamer is an agent used for the anti-foaming of any liquid. This agent is a very useful product, as when any liquid is processed in the industries, there are major chances of forming foam. To avoid such a situation, defoamers come in handy. The defoamers that are generally used in the industry are the oils which are insoluble, some alcohol products, and also, there are some defoamer chemicals such as glycols or stearates. Many other defoamers are easily found in the markets, and you can buy the same from defoamer chemical suppliers.

Air bubbles are not good for industry products as they cause many issues in achieving a smooth surface; hence, people greatly appreciate defoamers’ presence. It is one good product that is great to achieve a smooth coating. These defoamers are available in a lot of variety and can be classified based on the base products that are used in these defoamers.

Let’s check out the type of defoamers available in the market

  • Oil-based defoamers:

Oil-based defoamers are the ones that contain oil in them. These oils can be vegetable, mineral oils, and some other oils, which are very effective in removing surface foam. These defoamers are most frequently used in industries and for fertilizer dust control. These kinds of defoamers do not contain silicon oils in them. One can find many oil-based defoamers options at the local defoamers chemical suppliers store.

  • Powder defoamers:

There are a lot of defoamers that need to be used in the products, which are in powdered form. There are unique products, such as defoamers for phosphoric acid production or can be called defoamers for phosphoric acid, which are useful for many products to disable forming. Talking powder defoamers are mainly used for materials like cement, plaster, or detergents, essential products for daily use. It is important to ensure that no foam is formed when these products are used for a smooth finish. There are defoamer chemical manufacturers in the market which produce powder defoamers.

  • Water-based defoamers:

Liquids require defoamers the most as the chances of formation of liquid are the max. The water-based defoamers work as liquid deaerators and are used in water-based products.

  • Silicone-based defoamers:

These are one of the most different categories of defoamers, including a lot of chemical influence. These defoamers are majorly polymers that have silicon as the base. Not just the silicon but the silicon glycols are there as a base in these defoamers, and other kinds of silicone fluids are also used in these defoamers.

These anti-forming agents are highly useful in reducing foam formation in the industry process liquid. You can now buy defoamers from a trusted source. When you search online, you will see that the internet is flooded with options. Now, you can reach out to NAQ Global and buy a defoamer at affordable prices. NAQ Global is known as a defoamer chemical supplier and filter aid powder supplier in India. NAQ Global is also offering potash coating, filter aid powder, fertilizer coating material, organic fertilizer coating, and flotation agents for phosphate, In addition, you can check other options available on the website and get the right product delivered to your preferred address. Now, pick the chemical defoamer you want and order online at affordable prices.

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