Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Kota Stone

The unmatched benefits of Kota stone make it one of the most intimate natural stones used in construction and architecture in India. Kota stone price is exceptionally reasonable considering its durability and robust characteristics. It is commonly used for flooring, wall cladding, and paving in residential and commercial spaces. However, with the vast market today and various types and grades available, selecting the right Kota stone can be challenging.

Here Are Some major factors to consider while selecting the right Kota limestone in India for your project.

  • Determine your budget

In today’s market where Kota Stone manufacturers have a wide range of options in grade and quality, the very first thing you need to do is determine your budget and which characteristics of the stone are you willing to adjust, and what quality standards you won’t compromise on.

  • Consider the size and thickness of the stone

As we all know that Kota limestone in India is available in different sizes and thicknesses, ranging from small tiles to large slabs. You need to select the size and thickness according to the application of the stone. You must choose a large and thick slab for a large hallway to create a seamless look, whereas you must choose small tiles with a natural Kota stone design for wall claddings.

  • Choose the right color

Kota stone is available in various colors such as greenish-blue, brown, honey, and black. The color and pattern of the stone are determined by the impurities and minerals present in it. Kota stone design and its color can vary from quarry to quarry. Choose the color that complements the interior or exterior design of your space.

  • Consider the finish

Kota stone is available in different finishes such as natural, honed, and polished. The finish determines the slip-resistant quality of the stone as well as its overall appearance. The natural finish has a rough texture and provides excellent slip resistance, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. You can use both honed and polished finish as Kota stone Tiles for your home or office space as honed Kota stone has a matte finish with more anti-slip properties whereas polished Kota stone has a lustrous surface for a more high-end look.

  • Check the quality of the stone

The quality of Kota stone will depend on its origin, color, and finish. When choosing Kota stone flooring stones, look for stones that are free from cracks, chips, and other defects. You should also choose stones that have a consistent color and finish throughout.

  • Consider the maintenance requirements

One of the major benefits of Kota Stone is that it is a low-maintenance flooring option that requires minimal care or repairs. However, you should still consider the maintenance requirements of the stone before you make your purchase as polished Kota stone may require more maintenance than natural or honed Kota stone flooring.

  • Choose the right supplier

Choosing the right Kota stone supplier is crucial when buying Kota stone.

You must look for a reputed Kota stone manufacturer who can offer you the best quality at a reasonable price. Many Kota stone suppliers today also provide installation services along with transportation, this would save you a lot of effort and time which you can spend designing your dream home.

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