Urant AC1200 wifi extender login and setup

The urant AC1200 wifi extender is a very high-speed device for boosting the wifi network in the wifi not working area. The smart antennas are covering up the wifi range of 2640sq.ft with the 12 MBPS speed into the 25 electronic devices, as well the smart indicators show you the poor and good network status. Then you easily know if the device is connected properly or not. The urant repeater is compatible with any universal wifi network. You easily connect it with the electronic device wired and wirelessly in 3 different modes. The urant company built an advanced chip in this device that protects your network, and important data. That device is easy to install and reset.

How to configure the current Urant AC1200 wifi extender?

  1. To set up the device-
  2. First, you switch on it in the power outlet near the main router.
  3. After that, power on the wifi router.
  4. Press the WPS button of the wifi modem and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Now a blue LED blink then tap it on the repeater as well.
  6. Make sure: Router and repeater press the WPS button within 2 minutes. Because after that the urant wireless repeater does not work with the wifi (WPS).
  7. After that, both devices are flesh solid blue LED and repeater connected to the wifi network.

Login to the urant wifi repeater in the pc.

  • Connect the repeater and computer through the ethernet cable.
  • Go to the wifi icon and connect the SSID with the computer.
  • Lunch to a web browser enters the IP (you get it in the bake of the device).
  • Login admin page enters the “admin” password filer
  • Verify the code.
  • At last tap on the login option.
  • Wait until the device home page opens.

Why is the Urant AC1200 wifi extender not repeating the network? Fixing method.

Reasons: when the repeater setting is incorrect. Then the Urant wireless repeater not working

Sometimes hardware updates also become the reason for this. Then update its firmware.

When the repeater won’t connect to the router network properly. Again connect it with the wifi network.

Check the electricity voltage because sometimes it is low and the device is unable to connect to the computer.

If you are connected to it with the wither net, change the ethernet cable or unplug it, then again plug in the LAN port after then try to connect.

check the wifi setting.

You also move the signal booster near the main router.

If everything is working properly then you can visit an electronics store and get Urant Wireless AC1200 WiFi Extender repaired. Because I think it needs repair.

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How do I know if the urant wireless repeater is working?

  • Launch any web browser and enter the IP address  (Note: You get the IP behind the urant Wireless AC1200 WiFi Extender into a label).
  • Now log in the log in the repeater.
  • On the homepage go to the setting.
  • Next, go to the SSID list of wifi.
  • Click on it and check the internet status of the urant wireless AC1200 wifi extender.
  • Then check whether the asdiofj2 is successfully connected to the router.
  • If everything is ok then reset the urant wireless AC1200 wifi extender and reboot it.

Can I Connect Duo Boost WiFi Repeater to Router if Urant Wireless Repeater is Connected?

Yes, if your old extender WiFi network is weak then you can connect Duo Boost WiFi Repeater to the main router to boost the signal, but under certain conditions-

  1. For example: Do not use it when you set up the wireless method.
  2. Connect both repeaters to the electronic device with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Both repeaters should not broadcast the same SSID as the main WIFI network.
  4. Make sure to configure Duo Boost WiFi Repeater setup like any other extender setting.
  5. Let’s see how it works-

The duo boost repeater is re-broadcasting your router’s existing Wi-Fi network signal. If the duo boosts Wi-Fi extender place between the router and electronic device such as computer, laptop, iPhone, smartphone, etc. When you connect the modem on one band and output a router signal on the other then it works for you kind information telling you the duo boost coverage area is largely incompatible with the Urant wireless AC1200 WIFI extender.

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